Feeling sorry for myself

As I write this I am sick. I have a cold. So far it’s not one of those colds characterised by lots of gunky sneezing, its the kind with the rough sore throat. Like I smoked a pack of home rolled cigarettes and then gargled some needles. It’s giving me a very sexy husky voice.

Feeling sorry for myself
Bring me all the hot drinks and let me stay in bed. Please? Photo credit:

It’s also the kind of cold where you ache all over. Not the good post-workout style of ache but a deep dull fatigue that I feel in my bones as well as my muscles. I always thought when people said their bones ache they were just being poetic. Turns out I was wrong.

I hope you don’t think I’m being overly melodramatic. Clearly I’m practically at death’s door.

Seriously, though. When I’m like this I’m good to no one unless I’m sufficiently doped up on Lemsip and chocolate. Fun fact: chocolate is good for soothing a sore throat. This isn’t even a joke, it actually works. Chocolate is your friend, try it. Here’s a BBC article about chocolate as cough medicine.

On Saturday (Saturday! Who said that was fair?) when I woke up with symptoms I struggled through for a few hours. Managed a little breakfast, wasted a little time online, but by about 2pm I gave up and went back to bed for an hour. After which P, who is wonderful, brought me another Lemsip and pointed out that even if I felt ill I probably shouldn’t ruin my sleep cycle too.

So, here are my top eightย things to do when I’m not feeling too good:

  1. Alternate drinking Lemsip and tea all day long. Eat chocolate
  2. Wrap self in blankets and read books
  3. Whinge
  4. Waste time on the internet, especially if time wasting involves planning holidays somewhere sunny
  5. Listen to podcasts
  6. Give detailed instructions on how I should be better looked after
  7. Watch movies (if my sore head can handle it)
  8. Sleep

What do you do when you’re not well? Is there anything else I should be trying? Let me know in the comments.



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