In praise of moisturising

I’ve got back into the habit of moisturising every day. I’ve gone through tubes of body milk, body lotion and body butter and my skin feels great. I didn’t always do this, actually, I tend to go through phases of doing it absolutely every day and then suddenly stopping for no good reason and not doing it again for months. However, at the moment, I’m moisturising every day.

A few of my favourite moisturisers

It strikes me that moisturiser is one of the few beauty products that we use entirely for ourselves. We can go back and forth all day trying to decide whether we wear make up because we like it or because we’re trying to look good or impress someone and that discussion gets surprisingly complicated quite quickly (my own attitudes towards make up is another post for another day). However, removing uncomfortable dry patches, massaging in lotion and the resulting soft skin is clearly just for us. No one will accuse you of moisturising because you’re trying to attract a man – that would be weird.

However, it still comes with a self esteem boost. You skin is lovely whether you’re clothed head to toe or wearing nothing but a bikini and no one but you need ever know. I guess it’s kind of like wearing nice underwear, no one knows you’re wearing it, but you do and every time you remember you feel good about it.

There’s more to it then that, though. Aside from making your skin feel softer and helping to get rid of dry patches, the act of massaging in the moisturiser is really good for your skin. It improves circulation just below the skin’s surface and stimulates the lympathic system, which, among other things, helps to keep the immune system working well. This explains why the skin has a healthy glow to it after moisturising.

Additionally, this daily moisturising process can start to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Now, I get so annoyed with any product or process that claims to get rid of cellulite. Cellulite is very natural and normal, we’re supposed to have it. Women who are underweight are as likely to have it as women who are overweight – it’s not a sign that a person is unhealthy and it’s impossible to get rid of it. More women develop cellulite than develop breasts and it’s about time we got rid of the stigma surrounding it. However, since we do currently have that stigma and people hate having it, it is worth knowing that daily massage will reduce the appearance by breaking down the deposits of different tissues that form cellulite into small deposits. There’s no getting rid of the dimples – but you can get more, smaller dimples, and that looks a bit smoother.

However, in spite of all this, I still think my favourite thing about it is that every now and then I remember that my skin feels soft and that improves my day a little bit. We don’t have to do things for complicated reasons but it is nice that the additional benefits are happening anyway. I’m going to try to keep this good habit, this time.


3 thoughts on “In praise of moisturising

  1. I have similar phases as well…I moisturize at times and at others I’m just too bored to do it. But you are right in saying that when the skin is moisturized and smooth, I remember it time and again and feel great about it (whether I’m fully clothed or wearing shorts!). ๐Ÿ™‚


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