Manicure and pedicure with UV activated polishes

While I was home I was lucky enough for my mother (who is a beautician) to offer me a manicure and pedicure. This is one of the highlights of having a mother who is a beautician, by the way. I strongly recommend it.

Tropix on my toes

Since it’s Spring I wanted something cheerful so I chose Tropix from the CND Vinalux, a bright, bold, mango-ish pinky shade, for my toes and Vintage Glam, a little more of a subdued colour that reminds me a bit of Parma Violets, which is from the Jessica Phenom range for my fingers. Here was something new for me – all the polishes I chose happened to be UV activated.

Now, I’ve had shellac polish before and I think it’s pretty cool. For those who haven’t tried it it needs to be set under a UV lamp and it also needs to be soaked off in acetone, much like acrylic nails do. While I appreciate that it lasts longer than regular polish I’m never going to go get myself a UV manicure box and I can’t be bothered with the faff of soaking it off. Generally I end up trashing my nails with it, which isn’t the best.

Vintage Glam by Jessica

In contrast, these UV activated polishes dry just like normal polishes do but they continue to harden a little more as they are exposed to UV that you naturally encounter in sunlight. If you happen to have a UV box you can set the polishes in it quickly, like you would with shellac polishes, and then you don’t need to wait around being super careful with your nails for the next 20-30 minutes while they dry. However, whether you let it dry naturally or you set it with UV, you won’t need to soak them off in acetone – you can just remove it normally with a normal nail polish remover.

Isn’t technology great?

So far I’m really happy both with the colours I’ve chosen and with their lasting power. Generally I chip my nail polish within 48 hours of putting it on. I’ll update here when I do chip my manicure so we can see if these have a similar lasting power to shellac (which normally lasts me ~10 days). I suspect it won’t quite have that longevity, but I’d hope it would last longer than a normal polish.

Edit: Eventually the polish lasted ~5 days before chipping, more than double the length of time I’d expect for ordinary polish and half the amount of time shellac normally lasts me. I’m sure if I were more delicate it would last longer.


9 thoughts on “Manicure and pedicure with UV activated polishes

  1. Sounds like a great option. I rarely get professional manicures although I am planning to get one this week so I might ask for this. Definitely let us know when it finally chips – I am hoping it lasts a week at least. I’ve had polish that fails after a day.

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