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Top 5 Indian Restaurants in Glasgow

I love Indian food. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach, leading me to order popadoms with pickles, starters, curry, rice and naan and be eyeing up the list of interesting sides before P reminds me that I am just one person and that I normally can’t even finish just my curry. I’ve been known to make concerted efforts to work my way through an entire menu through multiple visits, unfortunately I have not yet been known to succeed (although there’s still time).

Glasgow has a while bunch of great Indian restaurants. It also lays claim to being the birthplace of chicken tikka masala, with the story going that a local man once asked for some gravy to go with his sauce-less spiced chicken dish. Whether true or not we’re luck to have the great range of restaurant that we do. These are my current favourites.

India Quay

I didn’t discover India Quay until quite late. It’s set a little away from the main drag at the Finnieston end of Argyle Street but it’s well worth seeking it out. It’s a large restaurant, with lots of seating and huge windows looking out onto the Millenium Arc on the Clyde River. It also does some amazingly delicious curries, many of them not featuring on menus I’ve seen elsewhere. My favourites here include the Lamb Desi, which is served with lots of little sides and the Chicken Tikka Sharabi, which apparently contains brandy.

Top Five Indian Restaurants in Glasgow
Chicken Tikka Sharabi

Mother India

I’m not alone in this one being amongst my favourites. The Mother India restaurants are wildly popular in Glasgow and this is their HQ. It always feels like a special occasion when you visit this restaurant and it’s a place I would be comfortable sitting in for hours. The  absolute highlight is their Butter Chicken which features almost obscenely massive pieces of juicy chicken breast in a perfectly seasoned sauce that I sometimes daydream about.

Indian Cottage

Moving out of the West End and into the Merchant City will lead you to Indian Cottage, if you’re lucky. It’s not an obvious place to find, with little more than a door leading off the street and down a corridor into the restaurant. That, combined with the name and the karaoke equipment tucked into a corner might make you anxious about the quality of the food but you’d needn’t worry. When I discovered it I couldn’t believe my luck at having found what presumably must be one of Glasgow’s best kept curry secrets. The Lamb Rogan Josh here is perfect but I’d come back just for the Fish Pakora.

Top Five Indian Restaurants in Glasgow
The best Fish Pakora I’ve tasted

The Little Curry House

This is a compact and very popular restaurant on Byres Road so you’d be well advised to book ahead. If you can get a table upstairs you can look down into the kitchen and watch your dinner being prepared but anywhere is comfortable. The staff manage the small space very well and there’s usually a pleasant hubbub without the restaurant feeling overcrowded. The Garlic Chilli Chicken is very good but don’t ignore the daily specials board, some of my favourites have come from that.

Top Five Indian Restaurants in Glasgow
Curry and rice and naan!

The Green Chilli Cafe

Here we get an option that always interests me: Curry served tapas style. Who doesn’t want the possibility of trying a little bit of a lot of different dishes? Many of the curries are available as either a main or a tapa but I’d definitely go for the latter because there are a lot of great flavours here worth exploring, including a long list of vegetarian options. I’m not going to recommend a favourite dish here because I think tapas is the way to go but keep an eye out for their Tapas Madness offer so you can try even more.


15 thoughts on “Top 5 Indian Restaurants in Glasgow

    1. Ah, ok. Honestly the three of us who were dining that night just prefer red and had been drinking it earlier in the evening, so we decided to stick with it. Ordinarily I’d choose beer to drink with curry but it happened to work out ok.

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      1. Hehe! At least you have the option to go to one of those fab places this week-end. Here we only have one Indian restaurant. They’re actually Pakistanis and good friends of mine. And the food is delicious.

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