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Good Food Glasgow

At the moment in Glasgow there’s something of a small street food festival going on.  A bunch of food trucks, with all lots of different things to try, are congregating by the Tradeston “Squiggly” Bridge on Fridays and in the Merchant City at Brunswick Street on Saturdays. Yesterday was the first day, so if you’re in Glasgow today or next weekend, go check them out.

The food trucks were already starting to draw a crowd when I arrived

There’s Flat Out Food who specialise in meatballs, Babu Street Kitchen will be serving up their curries, Firebird have set up their wood fired pizza oven, Mighty Mexican have burritos and tacos, Fire Dog have hot dogs and burgers and there’s many more. I’d try to list them all but I’m bound to forget some. Naturally there’s options for tea, coffee and ice cream on sale as well, and when I visited at lunchtime yesterday I even noticed a market-style truck selling fresh fruit and veg (I bought strawberries, I always buy strawberries).

The coffee is good but the brownies are amazing

It’s fairly well timed. We’ve been enjoying some rare sunshine in Glasgow lately and, although Thursday was beautiful, Friday was still warm. It’s a good thing too, I’d hate to think that people might be put off by the weather.

I decided to get a pizza from the Firebird stand for my lunch. I chose the truffled mushroom and brie option and I was even kind enough to save a couple of slices for P (who didn’t come with me having over-indulged the night before). That’s true love, that is. Because the pizza was as good as it sounds.

As is always the problem with things like this, I want to try everything and that is impossible. My eyes are bigger than my stomach and much bigger than my bank balance. Nevertheless, I’m hoping to get back at least once before the festival ends.

More street food is a good thing. I believe this event is organised by StrEAT, who’s entire focus is getting more StrEAT food available in Glasgow. Apparently the council isn’t crazy about street food and tends to make life difficult, perhaps because of an assumption about dodgy burger trucks with sub-par hygiene practises, but if that is the concern then events like this will help to change that attitude.

That suits me just fine. Here’s to more interesting lunches!


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