Ciaté Christmas Collection

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Becky, are you aware that it’s nearly May? Are you alright?”

I am and I am. Way back in December though, I spotted that boots were selling a Christmas collection of Ciaté polishes. However, at the time, the price they were asking for them was way too high for what they were selling: Six 5ml polishes for £30. That was hard to justify even as a gift with my reasoning that for £30 I could get someone something much better.

Time went on and Boots didn’t manage to sell them all, no doubt a lot of customers had the same thoughts I did. After Christmas the price of the remaining units dropped to £20, then £15. On the Boots website they’re still selling them for £10, which is actually a pretty good price, given that the full sized (13 ml) Ciaté polishes usually sell for £9.

However, I got lucky and managed to pick up a marked down box, in store. Apparently marked down because the box had somehow got a bit squashed. Given that my plan was to go home and immediately recycle all that unecessary packaging, this seemed like a good deal to me. In the end I paid £2.50. Score.

So far I have tried Ditch the Heels, a lovely green shade that, when sold in the Christmas box was supposed to be reminiscent of Christmas trees and holly and so on. Now that it’s, yes, nearly May, it feels like a lovely Spring green. I topped it with a clear glittery polish called Snowglobe, which makes a lot more sense for a Christmas polish but, let’s face it, glitter is glitter.

Ditch the heels with Snowglobe

The other polishes in the box are a red called Mistress, a lovely lilac-y colour that I’ll probably try next, called Pillow Fight, a gold glitter called Carosel and a dark grey glitter called London Baby. I’m not sure I’ll get loads of use out of the other two glitter polishes, but I’ll certainly give them a try.

The ones I’ve tried so far are good. They go on smoothly, the green is well pigmented and the glitter is in nice, varied flakes, really like a snowglobe. I’d compare Ciaté to Nails Inc in terms of quality and usability, but with more reliable pigmentation and they seem to dry faster.

If you can still get hold of the cut price boxes at Boots I’d recommend it. I would happily have paid £10 for this if I’d seen it in store. So if you want a few more polishes to add to your collection you could do a lot worse.


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