Dinner party!

My very good friends R and L have just bought a house together. I am very happy for them, naturally, and also very jealous. They have a lovely place with lots of space and a garden and they’re so grown up and it’s not fair. I want to buy a house. Well, actually, I want someone else to buy a house for me – I don’t make anywhere near enough to buy a house. C’est la vie.

Anyway, since the day they started looking for houses to buy they were insisting that I must come to visit it with P. Once they’d actually bought one and moved in they set about organising this, and decided that they would like to throw a dinner party (did I mention how grown up they are). There was no way I was ever going to turn down an invitation like that.

In their relationship, R is usually the cook and he’s damned good at it. When we arrived he was busy in the kitchen, L lead us through to their newly decorated living room where we chattered about how the rest of the decorating was going, among other things. L is the kind of person who is really easy to talk to about anything and everything.

Soon, dinner was ready. Beautiful, braised steaks with Yorkshire puddings and veggies. Naturally, as any good host does, R had probably prepared far too much food. Naturally, it was so delicious that we ate every bite. If he won’t give me his recipe for braised steaks I will be forced to steal it. We followed this with waffles served with strawberries and chocolate. Yeah – I’ve always got room for waffles.

They’re waffley good.

More chatter and a few hands of cards against humanity and too soon we realised that we’d have to hurry to catch our train home. Now, of course, I really have them round for dinner in return, which means I’m already looking for fun dinner party ideas. I love an opportunity to play hostess, especially with friends like these.


One thought on “Dinner party!

  1. Keep it simple, a dish you know how to cook well and is delicious will be much better than gastro disaster. Great company and a takeaway if all else fails, good friends don’t mind X


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