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Glasgow Cocktail Week: Part 3, The Boozy Brunch

Cocktail week was very nearly over, but it still had a couple of tricks up its metaphorical sleeve when Sunday rolled around*. Trick number one was a boozy brunch at everyone’s new favourite place: McPhabb’s.

McPhabbs was recently acquired by the folks who run Firebird on Argyle Street in Finnieston. They’ve refurbished it a little and mixed up the menu and now it is significantly cooler than it once was, at least in my opinion. That opinion has only been further cemented by the brunch I sat down to on Sunday.

Glasgow cocktail week part 3 the boozy brunch
There’s a Bloody Mary who’s name I’d chant in three times in front of the mirror

The plan was, we would get one of the brunch items and a Bloody Mary for just £10. I felt kind of bad for everyone else, because I was the only one present who actually likes Bloody Mary’s. Seriously, am I weird? Is it everyone else? Bloody Mary’s are bloody brilliant. Most people didn’t really mind though, and many opted to upgrade their cocktail to one of the salted caramel “hard shakes” that McPhabbs is currently offering in aid of charity.

Glasgow cocktail week part 3 the boozy brunch
Salted caramel hard shake. No wonder people were tempted.

Their brunch menu is far from basic. No full cooked fry up appears. The closest thing to a “standard” item is the French toast, which they serve with maple cooked bacon and pistachios. However, as tempting as that is, I was spoilt for choice between the Shakshuka which you never see and the Nasi Goreng which I normally never get to order, on account of how few Indonesian places there are in Glasgow.

Glasgow cocktail week part 3 the boozy brunch
Nasi Goreng. I regret nothing.

In the end, I figured I can always make a decent shakshuka at home, but I’m far less skilled and my kitchen is less well equipped when it comes to whipping up Nasi Goreng. Plus, it had king prawns. It also turned out to have the biggest prawn crackers I’ve ever seen. I was delighted.

When the hard shakes arrived for out table I was very tempted to order one for dessert but by the time I’d finished my desert I was way too full. I guess that means I’ll just have to go back, right?


*You can read about the previous events I attended here and here.


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