Planning for the next six months

Given that I spent yesterday’s post looking back on the previous six months it only seems balanced to spend today’s post looking forward. We’re halfway through the year and there’s still a lot that I hope to do. So, I think it’s about time for a little planning.

Career: My new job is great so far and it’s lovely to be back in the lab. I’m only part time for the moment (I’ll go full time in July) because I’m still writing my thesis. My contract is also only six months long, but there’s an option to extend it when November rolls around. So, here’s my work/career plan: Finish my thesis, defend it and graduate. Meanwhile, do a whole bunch of brilliant science so that I can easily extend my contract in November.

Five new things I tried in May
I’m still learning but I hope I’m a fast learner

Living arrangements: P starts his new job on Monday (that rolled around fast) and rail passes between Glasgow and Edinburgh are super expensive. We plan to move to Falkirk (between Glasgow and Edinburgh) at the end of summer. I’ve got an alert set up already to find rental properties in the area we want to live in – hopefully I’ll start viewing places towards the end of June.

Health: I’m happy-ish with where I am. My weight is fine but my cardio health could probably be improved. I also really need to sort out my ankle which is holding me back (I’m on it, I went for an x-ray the other day). I’d like to get back to a regular conditioning class to compliment the Ladies Who Lift Classes and, if I can get my ankle sorted it might be nice to do some jogging or aerobics or something. Oh, and yoga must happen again soon.

Finances: Being unemployed for a couple of months has made a dent in my savings. I mean, that’s exactly the situation I was saving for but it still stung. I need to build them back up, clear my overdraft (my free overdraft allowance is about to shrink anyway because I won’t be a student any more) and then start saving towards nice things like holidays and Christmas presents. I’d like to get my finances back to the state where I could be unemployed again for a few months, just in case I don’t get that extension on my contract.


  • Books: I’ve been reading a lot this year (for me, at least) and I’d like to keep that up. My GoodReads goal was 30 books which I think I’ll manage but I’d like to read even more than that.
  • Travel: It would be really great to at least get a long weekend away, maybe a fun city break or something. I’d also like to go home and see my family at some point
  • Games: I’ve been saying for ages that I should pick up some board games and host a games day. Now I have an income again so I should think about when I can do that. When my thesis is finished I’ll also have more time for video games and I think P and I might think about splitting the cost of a PS4.
  • Movies: My Cineworld Unlimited card is underused right now. I’ll be fixing that by watching as many films as is practical, again, once my thesis is done.

There, that’ll do for some plans. I seem to be putting off a lot of things until I finish writing my thesis but that really is priority number one for the time being. I didn’t take on this PhD so I could play video games – I want to pass my viva, graduate, and start telling everyone that, “it’s Doctor Becky, to you.”

That said, while it looks like a lot to do in six months, when one of your goals is “play more games” that probably helps to make it achievable, right?

What are you hoping to do with the rest of 2016?


9 thoughts on “Planning for the next six months

  1. Great mix of fun and work there, Dr. Becky. I think you’re right that the combo makes it more likely that you’ll achieve. But then, I wouldn’t disagree with a thing you say, Doctor! 😀

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    1. Hahaha. Well, I don’t know, if I say anything silly that’s not about my extremely narrow field of research then please correct away! I’m definitely looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring.

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  2. Sounds like a plan! Hope everything works out for you the way you would like it to 🙂 And Edinburgh!!! That’s where I am…someday, it would be nice to catch up and put a face to the name, eh? 😀 Cheers.

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