Pastel Marble Nails

We’re having “Beauty Tuesday” on a Wednesday today. So, as far as this blog is concerned, today is Tuesday and yesterday is Wednesday. For all other weeks I’ll try to line up with the rest of the world but I was too excited about LISA Pathfinder yesterday to think about anything else. Pretty nails might be cool, but space is cooler. Sorry, it just is. Anyway…

How often do you see something on Pinterest or on a favourite blog and think, “I could do that.” You might pin it or bookmark it or make some other kind of note, intending to try it at some point soon. I know that’s what I normally do. If you’re anything like me, you then immediately forget about it. Sometimes I worry that it’s the act of pinning or bookmarking that allows me to forget about it – I know it’s neatly filed away somewhere, I’ll be able to find it when I want it, so then I never even look for it.


This time, when I stumbled across a tutorial for pastel marbel nails by Lulus, I just kept the tab open. I’m not one of these people who usually has hundreds of tabs open – it rarely gets above four – so this extra tab was there, out of the ordinary, annoying me. I lasted three days before I got the polish out and got started.


I didn’t have the exact polishes the tutorial used but I think you could do this with any pale pink, pale blue, silver, white and black. I used the following:

  • Pink: Charing Cross Road by Nails Inc
  • Blue: A Ciaté Mini (which is weirdly un-named on the bottle)
  • Silver: South Kensington by Nails Inc
  • White: One from a set by BeautyUK
  • Black: Black Out by Rimmel London
  • Top/Base: Clear polish by Natural Collection at Boots

A coat of clear to protect my nails went on first. Then I needed just one coat of the silver, but three each of the pink, blue and white. I always find paler colours need more coats and subsequently have a higher drying time. Fortunately I managed patience on this occasion and managed to not smudge them.


Once the white had dried, I got out a fine paint brush to (rather inexpertly) draw on some light, squiggly lines, which became the “marbelling” in my marbel nails… This part probably needs some practise, but unless you’re super fussy it’s easy enough to get to look OK. It also doesn’t take so long that I won’t try it again a few times over the next couple of months.

Finally a top coat of the same clear polish went on top to seal everything in. Usually I use different top coats and base coats but recently almost every clear polish I own has dried up. I actually had to go and buy this one from Natural Collection at Boots a couple of weeks ago because I wanted to paint my nails red but I didn’t want them to be stained red for the rest of my life. It does the job, but it doesn’t last for quite as long as things like CND Vinylux, as I guess should be expected.

Anyway, isn’t this cute? It’s hardly more effort than just painting every nail the same colour and it doesn’t really require much skill but I feel so fancy! What do you think, would you try this? Are there any other tutorials lurking in the depths of your Pinterest boards that you’re hoping to get around to soon?



6 thoughts on “Pastel Marble Nails

  1. Wow your nails look very pretty 🙂
    I used to want to pain my nails but then I chose to be a biologist and benchwork doesn’t agree with nailpaints! I could still go ahead and paint my nails because I do wear gloves while working but I have weird broad nails android not long ones like you do and on top of that I always keep my nails trimmed!! Haha, so I’m not sure these fancy nailpaints would suit my own weird broad tiny nails 😉
    But I love love love the way you’ve painted yours… Looks beautiful 🙂

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