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Pizzas at Bloc

I caught yet another break! On Friday I got a tweet from @MadChefGlasgow, the chef at Bloc, to tell me I’d won a pizza. Better yet, it was the “Sloppy Bloc” pizza, something that had been served up at the Yelp Pizza Battle back in March and which I’d been daydreaming about since. Unfortunately, on a previous visit to Bloc, it turned out that the pizza was not on their regular menu, so I was worried I wasn’t going to get to try it again.

The Sloppy Bloc

At the pizza battle, the Sloppy Bloc had been divisive. Sure, it was delicious, but was it pizza? Its base was wafer thin and the usual tomato sauce had been abandoned in favour of a peppercorn concoction. This was then topped with mozerella, meatballs, haggis and rocket. Honestly, I wasn’t sure whether I cared if it was pizza or not, I just wanted to order a full sized one.

Apparently, I wasn’t alone. It seems that more than one person has shown up at Bloc since, hoping to order this feast, and getting disappointed when they couldn’t. After Bloc finished their recent renovations, hints appeared that the menu might start to feature it. The rumours were soon confirmed and a competition was launched to give 10 of the pizzas away. One of which, I won.

Something this good deserves a close up shot

Your local neighbourhood Glasgow Food Geek also won a pizza, and she tweeted me to say we should coordinate and visit Bloc together, which we did on Saturday, taking our partners along for the ride. Even better, the Food Geek brought me cookies! Is that the best thing ever, or what? You guys don’t understand, she bakes every week and she brought me some of the ones she made in her most recent recipe,  Peanut Butter Cookies with a Maple Glaze. I love both peanut butter and maple syrup. This was an unexpected and delicious treat.

Peanut Butter and Maple Cookies by Glasgow Food Geek. Unfortunately unavailable at Bloc, but you can make your own if you follow the link!

Soon we’d ordered our pizzas. P decided to go for a burger with some Vladimir Poutine (lol) as a side, while Mr Geek opted for the Street Trash Steak and the Food Geek decided she’d like to try the Scheme Poutine too. My pizza was perfect. I am definitely going back for more. It’s good to know that it works as a whole pizza too; while something like that was definitely delicious as a single slice, there was always the chance that it would become overpowering if you ate much more. Fortunately that wasn’t the case.

Vladimir Poutine

Bloc is usually great value for money in terms of food. They have different offers throughout the week, so one day hot dogs will be cheap, the next day it’ll be burgers and so on. I think their long-standing, everyday offer is two pizzas for £8.95. So long as they never take The Sloppy Bloc off the menu, I’ll be bullying P to come with me for pizza here whenever I get the chance.


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