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I changed my hair

Anyone who follows me on almost any other internet platform will already know this because I couldn’t resist putting up photos but, I changed my hair on Friday. I mean, really changed it. This is the change I was hinting at not long ago when I reviewed a sulphate-free shampoo by The Body Shop. I wanted to make sure my hair was in the best condition possible for such a big change.

I dyed my hair blue.

I’ve been planning this for ages but a few things had to align before I could do it. I had to have an income and it had to be through a job where I wouldn’t have to directly interact with clients or customers who might be a bit old fashioned an offended by a woman with blue hair. I also needed to find a salon that would do it and would do it well – I knew I’d ruin everything if I tried to do it myself.

After asking a few bright-haired people, three of them had mentioned a salon on Great Western Road called Number 659. So off I went. After a consultation appointment and after checking I wasn’t allergic to their dyes I booked the real appointment.

I figured out that I wanted a long-ish bob and blue hair. Not royal blue or baby blue, more like teal. A kind of peacock-y mermaid-ish blue. Fortunately the stylists knew exactly what I meant. I am absolutely delighted but it is kind of staining everything; my skin, my towels, etc. It’ll stop in a day or two but I need to be careful in the meantime.

Anyway, hurrah! Enjoy the following photos of my transition to blue haired wonder:

Bleaching away the brown

There! Never let anyone say I do anything by halves. I hope these pictures make you smile as much as my new blue hair makes me.

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