Time to run

I’ve been putting off getting my cardio fitness sorted out for too long. I have several problems that encourage me to do this:

  1. I hate cardio
  2. I am lazy
  3. My ankle hurts

Yeah, I’m going on about my joints again, but Iย am trying to fix them*, so as long as I’m taking some positive action I figure I’m allowed to whinge, right?

Really, though, I have to do something. As unappealing as running is, I think that might be the best bet. I live in the perfect spot for it, by the river where there’s always a light breeze. Plus, the weather is pretty good right now and with P getting home later than usual thanks to his longer commute, I’ve even got a little time when I could do it which at the moment is time I too often end up wasting.

I already have running shoes. I already have one of those arm-pouches for your phone. I already have a route planned. All I need is a playlist.

Let’s not pretend that’s not important. A playlist can keep you running for an extra three minutes, and then another three minutes and another. It can trick you into running a little bit quicker and it can distract you from how tired you are.

It turns out I am entirely oblivious about what songs might make a good playlist. Or at least I was until yesterday when I spent an embarrassingly long time googling work-out music. I hope that I am now more enlightened. After all that work I feel I ought to share it with you. Here you go:


What do you think? Would this make you run? Do you have any fail safe songs that always get you jogging? What other songs should I add? Let me know in the comments!

*So far I have: started taking Vitamin D (which helped my wrists, hips and one of my ankles but not my second, dodgier ankle), had an x-ray and two blood tests (apparently they messed one up) and on Monday I will meet with my GP again to hear the results and to find out what to do next.

13 thoughts on “Time to run

  1. Here’s my 2 cents.

    When I run, I don’t like to listen to music. I find the change of tempo between tracks jarring. I find myself trying to sync my footfalls or my breathing to the beat, which isn’t always appropriate, either being too fast or too slow, and I do think that it’s better to let your body go at the pace that it goes, rather than trying to match Adele’s latest hit.

    So if I run alone, either I don’t do the headphone thing, and pay attention to the world around me, or I put on a podcast. With podcasts, there is still some natural rhythm of conversation, and it keeps my brain interested, rather than wandering off. Also, podcasts tend to be much longer, of order an hour, which is close to the length of a decent jog. That way, you attention is held for the entire run.

    So there you have it. Podcasts are the way forward.


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  2. I mostly listen to Indian songs and so I’m probably not going to be able to suggest songs to you for your Playlist! But I stopped by here just to say it’s an amazing idea to workout with songs… I’ve always loved the idea but sadly yoga doesn’t go too well with fast paced songs! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am on the lookout for some slow numbers that might help my meditation and calm during yoga!

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    1. I would imagine that something like Sigur Rรณs might be good music to do yoga to or to meditate to. Maybe worth a look (although my favourite of their albums has the annoyingly ungooglable name of “()” – that’s open-bracket close-bracket ).

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  3. I definitely like upbeat music – and I like listening to songs I’ve heard a million times before. Not sure why – I just do! And since I work out early in the morning, I always text my friend the night before to send me a wakeup text to make sure I’m working out. Always appreciated! ๐Ÿ™‚

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