Gibson Street Gala

Every year in June the businesses and organisations on and around Gibson Street band together for a one day Gala. They set up stalls selling food and gifts. Musicians play and artists come out to sell their work or to demonstrate it. There are activities for families, competitions and opportunities for charities to raise awareness. This year was the 12th year the event has been run.

Not generally a fan of Scotch eggs but… yeah, these sound pretty good.

I dropped by for a wander around. Unfortunately, this time the event fell on a rather drizzly Sunday. So, while there was a lot of exciting stuff going on, the crowd was a little thinner than it might have otherwise been.

Peacock graffiti!

There were countless stalls selling handmade gifts and knick knacks. Places selling burgers, pizza and beer, street artists spraying graffiti boards and three stages with local bands playing live music. That was a lot of fun. The music from one of the stages even meant I found a part of the Gibson Street area that I’d never seen before, a small grassy area between buildings.

A band setting up on the main stage

I hung around a little, listening to a lot of great music and chatting to people. I may have bought some books at a stall that was offering three second hand paperbacks for only ÂŁ1. Don’t judge me.

Soft play area in a bus!

The gala represents a huge amount of effort from all the people running business nearby and it’s not something they really need to do. It’s a celebration of the community in this little patch of the West End and something I’d miss if they stopped running it.

As the area grows and grows this can only continue to get better. I’m already looking forward to next year’s gala.



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