Book review: It’s Complicated

When I heard that Karen of RunWright had published a collection of short stories it went straight onto my to-read list. How could it not? I follow Karen’s blog and always enjoy reading her posts, I was very curious about reading her fiction. Karen wrote a guest post for this blog that you can find here.


It’s Complicated by Karen Wright


Now, I don’t often read short stories. I also don’t often read romance. So the full title, “It’s Complicated: Short Stories About Long Relationships” would never have have appealed to me if I hadn’t known it was Karen’s.

I’m glad to say I really enjoyed it! Perhaps it’s unfair to call it romance because, although there are certainly aspects of romance in many of the stories, there are also many stories about relationships more broadly. The range of different themes to the stories was fantastic as well, and I actually really enjoyed the shift of focus between one story and the next (something that normally grates on me when I read short story collections).

Something that was new to me was the recurring theme of religion in many of the stories. Not being religious myself it hadn’t occurred to me how important a person’s religion would be to them in the context of the relationships they have with others. I guess the relationship a person has with God could easily be the longest and most complicated one they might have.

For many of the stories I wanted to read more about the characters. I wanted more details, I wanted to know what had happened before the snapshot we got of their lives and what happened afterwards. So, basically, what I’m saying is this: Karen, please write a novel. Thanks.

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