Mani/pedi at home

Whenever I head home to Leeds my wonderful beautician mother tries to get as many treatments done for me as possible. On my recent visit home last month this was a manicure/pedicure with a wonderful shimmery blue polish to match my new blue hair.

The blue works not only because it matches the hue of my locks but because I was finding that the dye from my hair was still transferring to my nails a little when I ran my fingers through it. This stopped after the first couple of weeks but before that it was kind of annoying. It would make pale colours and natural nails look oddly blue-ish or sometimes just dirty. Not good.

We went for a lovely Jessica polish called Krishna Blue. With a clear base coat, two coats of Krishna Blue and a UV-activated top coat I was good to go. I chose the same polish for both my fingernails and my toenails which is unusual for me – usually I go for something a bit bolder on my toes. However, once you’re at a shimmery blue to go with your blue hair going bold is both tricky and unecessary; I decided to match for once.


I really like these UV activated top coats. They aren’t quite shellac, they aren’t quite regular polish, but they combine the advantages of both. You can fix them with a UV lamp but if you don’t have a lamp they’ll set normally like a regular polish. Then they harden more and more due to the natural UV in sunlight. You can remove them with regular nail polish and don’t need to soak them in acetone.

I recommend the CND Vinylux polishes especially, but other brands are doing similar things just as well. To be honest, I think we’re seeing a natural progression of technology here. The scientists working for the cosmetics companies seem to be at a stage of rapid development and, at least to me, it looks like every few months they are able to release a slightly better product. I expect these things to keep improving for a while yet.


They’re already good though. My nails lasted over a week before I chipped one and felt the need to take the polish off. The polish on my toes is still going strong 3 weeks later.


2 thoughts on “Mani/pedi at home

  1. My mother was a beautician when I was a kid and cut my hair until about 5 years ago when she developed a condition that effected her hands. She also did the hair of a lot of her friends and family.


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