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Preview night at the Atlantic Bar and Brasserie

I was invited along to the Preview Night for the Glasgow-based Atlantic Bar and Brasserie as a Yelp reviewer. However, as far as the folk at The Atlantic were concerned, any buzz about their restaurant and their food is a good thing, so I thought I’d share my review here too.

The Atlantic Bar and Brasserie is too easy to miss. Walking along St Vincent Place you could be forgiven for walking right past it without noticing it. Its unassuming entrance is a set of stairs leading down from street level but it’s well worth taking those stairs down. You’ll be in for a treat if you do.

The interior is really lovely. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, everything is very polished but comfortable, the lighting warm, the space elegant. I feel like they’d be able to acomodate groups of any size and that you’d get just as good a meal with a large party as you would on a couple’s dinner date. The staff were wonderful throughout the evening, incidentally, really friendly, chatty and happy to share a quick joke or two with us. They made us feel welcome and were attentive without being pushy.

Preview night at the Atlantic Bar and Brasserie
Atlantic Margarita

I visited during the event they were running to promote the restaurant, their food and their cocktails. I met up with the other Yelpers there and we were soon chatting over cocktails. I chose the Atlantic Margarita which was a twist on a traditional margarita with a topping of strawberry and citrus foam. It looked like a balerina. It was quite strong and very tasty. The others also seemed to enjoy their drinks.

Preview night at the Atlantic Bar and Brasserie

Soon we were shown to our table and handed menus. Decisions here were not easy to make here – everything sounded delicious. Before we needed to choose anything, though, we were brought some escargot. Now, I really like snails so I was excited to try these. They were well cooked, the garlic butter was perfect but they could possibly have used a little more salt. That’s my only complaint for the whole meal though, and, given that saltiness is very personal and there was salt on the table, I’m not going to hold it against them.


Preview night at the Atlantic Bar and Brasserie
Les Noix de Saint Jacques

In the end I opted for a starter of Les Noix De Saint Jacques; scallops which were served with black pudding, sauce vierge and bramley apple sauce. Again, I really like scallops (this menu was a dream for me) and these were fantastic. Tender and perfectly cooked. For my main I chose the Boeuf Bourguignon which was amazing. The beef was so tender that it was difficult to pick it up with the fork. The sauce was wonderfully rich and the mashed potatoes and vegetables it was served with were perfect accompaniments (if a little strangely displayed). I also tried another Yelp reviewer’s rotisserie chicken and, while it’s not something I’d ordinarily order in a restaurant, I’d definitely think about it for a future visit. Like the beef it was flavourful and super tender.


Preview night at the Atlantic Bar and Brasserie
Boeuf Borguingnon

Finally, just when I thought I could eat no more, we were reminded that dessert was an option. Well, it would be rude not to. Another of my favourite foods appeared on the menu: rhubarb. I ordered the rhubarb and apple crumble which was served with vanilla ice cream and creme anglais and it was the perfect end to the meal. Not sure how I managed to finish it all but I have no regrets.

Preview night at the Atlantic Bar and Brasserie
Apple and rhubarb crumble with creme anglais and vanilla ice cream (yes, I forgot the French, but come on, apple and rhubarb crumble is a firmly British dessert.

So, this is now a new firm favourite restaurant, although the price point means that on my budget it’ll have to be a rare treat. Something to look forward to. I think I’ll take someone here the next time I want to show off Glasgow and how good its food can be.



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