Eyeliner collection

Disclaimer: On Saturday morning my phone died. My phone is what I normally use to take photos. I dug out an old camera to try to take photos of some swatches for this but it’s just awful and you can’t really see anything. I’ll be getting a new phone shortly and I’ll take some photos of swatches then and will update this. Sorry!

Is there even such a thing as a perfect eyeliner? Recently my sister was telling me about shopping for a new one since she had believed the price of her usual one to be too high – having bought several alternatives and discovered them all to be rubbish, she went back to find her usual one and discovered it was only a third of the price she had assumed. How can there be so much variation, though? Eyeliner isn’t new technology – why would two plain black kohl pencils be so different?

Ah well, like my sister I’ve tried a fair few. Some of them aren’t even black. This is my current collection ranked from least to most favourite.


Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal by Rimmel London

It’s bold and very dark and perfect for creating dramatic effects so long as you don’t want precision because I can never get a sharp tip on it and it smudges like crazy. Oh, and “waterproof” is an exaggeration.

Natural Collection Eye Lines in White

I feel like Natural Collection gets a bad rep but I actually really like a lot of their stuff. This white eyeliner is amazing, goes on really smoothly and looks really bold. I don’t use a whole lot of white eyeliner, which is why this isn’t higher up the list, but when I do this one is perfect. The only downside is that it isn’t super long lasting.

Collistar Matita Kajal

Soooo black. Blackest black. All the black. It’s a pencil and I prefer liquid but this is a solid eyeliner and I will use it until nothing is left but a stub.

Nicka K New York 24 hr Waterproof Eyeliner in NYA41 Dark Brown

I never thought I’d use a brown eyeliner but I love this one. It’s so handy for slightly more toned down looks and it does last really well. Maybe not 24 hours but still. It’s hard to get precision with it because it’s a “self-sharpening” pencil, meaning it’s never actually sharp but for quick things it’s great. I use it way more than I expected to.

Seventeen Tattoo Me Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner in Gunmetal

Woooo. This is why I’m unimpressed with most “waterproof,” “long-lasting,” “24-hour” eyeliners which just aren’t. On the packing it says “up to 48-hour wear” and they can’t be far wrong. It’s very highly pigmented and it stays on for ages. It’s actually really difficult to take it off. It would be perfect but being the dip and brush style of liquid eyeliner means I end up with the stuff all over my eyelashes and you need a super steady hand. Nothing worse than a mistake you can’t remove for 48 hours.

Topshop Magic Liner in Black

This is the eyeliner I use the most often and while it’s starting to annoy me now that it’s running out it’s still probably the best. I recently tried a Mii eyeliner that might be better but I’ve not actually bought one yet to test it properly and it’s the only thing I’ve found that even stands a chance. Magic Liner is cheap, it’s a liquid eyeliner of the felt-tip pen style, it’s highly pigmented, super dark, easy to apply, not messy and long lasting (although not quite so long as the Seventeen one). It ticks all the boxes.

Ok, now I want to go shopping for eyeliners. What are your favourites?


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