12 thoughts on “Glasgow Science Slam 4

      1. Thanks Becky – The other one I have it to sit near the sea and watch a ship arrive. It should appear like it’s coming out of the water.
        I know it seems strange but I’m asking this because I’ve been talking to someone (another blogger) about the flat Earth theory. I know that the Earth is a sphere – but it’s how one actually proves it. πŸ™‚


      2. I think it’s strange too. There are these conspiracy theories that state when the US Navy went to Antarctica in the 40’s and 50’s that they found the edge of the world – a huge dome. They say that the moon landing were faked because of this ISS doesn’t exist etc… It’s a bit far fetched as based on no scientific evidence.

        BUT one of the point they make is that wen an object on a river or canal moves away it doesn’t seem to vanish. This is of course the result of two effects:
        1: Our eyes are mounted on a 5- 6 ft body
        2: Refraction caused by the atmosphere. If these were taken into account the ‘flat’ effect would make sense.

        Its still kind of weird that people think this tough πŸ™‚


  1. The science slam sounded really interesting. It’s a shame I was busy that night (are they always on a Thursday, as that would be annoying, as I’ve got a regular thing on Thursdays?). That sort of “pot luck meal” of science also sounds quite exciting. You don’t know if you’re going to get someone talking about gravitational waves, CRISPR or new ways to make things go bang :). If they’re up on YouTube, I may try and take a look (although they’d have to join the queue!).

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    1. They’re not always on Thursdays, it just depends when the grad school can book Cottiers. If you fancy it, though, I’d also recommend the PubhD events which will probably be monthly on Mondays from now. They’re not all science but they’re science heavy. There’s one next week at The Admiral.


      1. Alas, I’m busy on Mondays too. I used to go to Skeptics in the Pub until its regular day moved from Tuesday to Monday (also at the Admiral). I’ll look out for the next day that Science Slam is on though.

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  2. (Replying to Simon, but the ‘reply’ button doesn’t seem to come up for the comment): a book I thought was fantastic for giving explanations for things like proving the Earth was round is Simon Singh’s Big Bang (see my review), where he talks about how the ancient Greeks worked it out.

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