Another boardgames day

It feels like ages ago now but a couple of weekends ago I took some time out to go play boardgames with Lord of the Moon and a few of his friends. This is becoming one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon and, as I edge back towards financial stability (yay for having a job!) my boardgames wish list on amazon grows. Even so, it’ll be a while before I get anywhere near a collection to rival LotM’s.

This time we played Gloom, Last Night on Earth and Forbidden Desert. Three very different games with very different play styles.

We started with Gloom. It’s a card game, which gives me a little hope for getting P to play it (he doesn’t want to play boardgames but he’s been known to play Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens). It’s quick to play so we had round while we waited for the last person to arrive. In it you are given a set of cards which make up a sinister family. You then use other cards to make horrible things happen to them and eventually kill them off. Meanwhile you can counteract the effects of the horrible things your opponents are making happen to their families by playing nice cards on them. When someone eventually suceeds in murdering their entire family, the game is over and the points are added up.

My gloomy family

It’s cartoonishly funny and has a story-telling element. You can’t simply play a card, you have to explain it and work it into a narrative which others then build on. As I’m sure you can imagine, this gets ridiculous very quickly. It was also very easy to pick up and would be ideal for newbies to boardgames and cardgames.

Next up we went for Last Night on Earth. In this game, one person plays the role of the zombies while everyone else plays the heros trying to escape them. There are a range of scenarios available and we played the one where the heros must find keys and fuel for a truck to drive away. I volunteered to be the zombies (“braaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnns”) but I was unfortunately unable to shamble to victory. It’s a fairly classic take on the standard zombie trope, easy to pick up and I’m sure it must have plenty of replayability. This strikes me as a good game to introduce new boardgamers to.

Last Night on Earth… brrrrrraaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnssss

It wouldn’t be boardgames at LoTM’s without his famous home made scones. He warned us that this time he’d made them vegan to accomodate one of his guests. However, since one of his very minor super power is scone baking, they were just as delicious as ever. When I do eventually end up hosting a games day, I’m going to have to seriously up my baking game.

Finally, we had a quick round of Forbidden Desert which is a firm favourite with this particular group and one I think I’ve mentioned before. It’s a clever collaborative game and another great introduction for newbies. We slipped up in this one and ran out of water but I think that’s the first time the game has beaten me. Oh well, we’ll try again another time.

Do you play board games? Are there any others I should be looking out for? Let me know in the comments!



2 thoughts on “Another boardgames day

  1. I’m glad that you had fun and that the scones went down well :). Now I’ve got a standard to live up to as well! I’ll have to have another board game session sometime in the next few months. I think that every time you’ve been, we’ve played new games; if you want to replay something that we’ve already played, please do say. Often you can’t really get the feel for a game from a single play, and of course, if there’s one that’s fun enough to want to replay, that’s always good.

    Oh, and by the way, I can’t remember if I said before or not, but I’m happy for you to use my name in your posts. I fear the online anonymity ship sailed for me a long time ago (my first days on the internet were a simpler, more naive time)


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