New phone!

Honestly, I never really wanted this.

I wanted a good, small phone, something smaller than my lovely little Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini without basically being the ultra basic phone parents buy for their children. Sadly, such a thing does not exist. Trust me on this, I did the research. Don’t tell me I should have got an iPhone as if you think I’m somehow the only person on the planet who has never heard of Apple. Quite aside from Apple’s smallest offerings being too big I just don’t want one.

So I was putting off getting a new one in case some phone manufacturer suddenly realised that there was a significant minority of potential customers who wanted a phone they didn’t need two hands to use and that would fit in their pocket. After all, I liked the Samsung I was using, it was just getting a bit slow and its battery life wasn’t great. The latter was solved by getting a spare battery for it (another annoying feature of new phones is non-replaceable batteries. Why?)

My old phone showcasing 100% of it’s current functionality.

This was going fine. I’d use the Samsung happily and every now and then I’d check online to see what new phones were out. Just in case. Unfortunately, by the time my Samsung died entirely, nothing perfect was available. The upside was, thanks to the research I’d been doing, I knew what my best option was: the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact.

I’d picked up a temporary cheap Alcatel Onetouch phone to tide me over until payday. Who knew such terrible things existed? It’s far, far worse than anything I ever owned before my first smartphone. It doesn’t even have a good battery life. It has predictive text but it doesn’t have many words programmed in and, while you can program in new words it doesn’t store them to memory, so next time you text it’s gone. If the phone’s on silent the alarms don’t go off – it doesn’t even vibrate. It doesn’t even have snake. I was thinking about keeping it as a kind of emergency spare but honestly I don’t even want the thing near me anymore.


Now, my job contract is less than 12 months so I can’t commit to a 24 month phone contract. Since I’m happy with o2 on my current contract and I’ve long since paid off the value of the phone it came with so it’s pretty cheap. I decided I wanted to buy a handset outright – it’d work out cheaper in the long run and I’d avoid getting locked into a contract. After shopping around, the best high street offer for the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact was from Carphone Warehouse. I did look on eBay and so on, but decided I wanted a new phone with the warranty that came with it.

When I showed up at the Carphone Warehouse the price had gone up by £80. That priced me out. I left and went back online to do more shopping. Eventually, I discovered that Giffgaff were selling the handset even cheaper than Carphone Warehouse originally were, I just had to pick up one of their sim bundles for £10 (which I could then cancel at any time, i.e. immediately). I had to wait a couple of days for it to be delivered but that was definitely the best deal. Incidentally, having now dealt with them, I can see why everyone on Giffgaff loves it so much.


The phone claims to be compact and, compared with the other offerings currently on the market, it is. I guess I’ll just have to accept that I’ll never fit a phone in my pocket again and that I need two hands to text. Apart from the size, though, it’s excellent. I already love it. The camera is amazing and it’s fast and it has a great battery life and plenty of internal storage. So far, I am very, very impressed. Doing the research before you buy new tech really does help.

So, although I’ll miss my Samsung, all good things must come to an end. I love my new phone and I’m slightly smug at picking it up 33% cheaper than O2 would have sold me it. I’m still looking forward to the days when phones will start shrinking again but for now this is just fine.


7 thoughts on “New phone!

      1. I remember a small young lady at a place I worked at had this phone twice the size of mine, I always wondered how she got it into the pocket lol


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