Yelp Glasgow Elite Summit 2016

This was another wonderful Yelp event (as if they’re ever not wonderful). This time we were In McPhabb’s secret bar and the event was very mysterious. We knew where we were going and when but very little else was given away.

So, we arrived to be welcomed with a drink, including a “pimp your own prosecco” station. Definitely a good start there. I can’t believe I’ve never squeezed lime juice into prosecco before. I have squeezed lime juice into basically everything else, including my own eyes (which is the only thing I don’t recommend squeezing it in). Anyway, game changer.

Yelp Glasgow Elite Summit 2016
Adorable (and delicious) sliders

Soon, snacks were on tables (including those delicious sliders) and we were ready to start. Briony introduced our speaker for the evening – two wonderful women who wanted to talk about what it#s like to run a small business in Glasgow and how reviews make all the difference. It was interesting to hear from people in that situation – I normally think of reviews as being helpful to other potential customers but it’s good to know how helpful they are to businesses as well.

Then, we had a few activities to get stuck in to. First off, Briony asked us to list what we considered to be our three top Yelp specialists as Yelpers, promising that there would be the potential to be crowned king or queen of these specialties soon. (Uh, yes, I would like to be cocktail queen please, thank you.) Alongside this we had a large map of Glasgow set up and stickers so we could highlight all our favourite businesses, as well a huge sheet with the question “What do you love about Glasgow.” We were handed sharpies and we went to work.

Yelp Glasgow Elite Summit 2016
Mushroom mac and cheese > regular mac and cheese

After a while we were offered some super delicious Mac and Cheese (I chose the one with Mushrooms because mushrooms are the food of the gods) and I really hope the Mac and Cheese is on McPhabb’s regular menu because I want to go back for more.

Finally, Briony gave us one last activity – to come up with ways Yelp Glasgow could be improved – and announced a super secret event coming to Glasgow soon. I was sworn to secrecy until yesterday but now it’s been officially announced. Are you ready?

On Sunday 9th October, Scotland’s first Cheese Toastie Festival is coming to Glasgow!

Argrgrgrhrhhhhhhhhgghg! <-That’s me, making an excited noise.


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