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I’ll catch up soon, promise.

There are sooooo many things that I want to write about, like how I visited my best friend before she left to live in Canada, and like the North Leeds Food Festival a couple of weeks back. I want to write about the Glasgow LVC gravitational waves meeting that was amazing and the post-doctoral forum I attended and the AG Fitness Training Client’s Day Out. I want to write about all the new things I tried in August and about how I picked up the keys to my new home.

I want to write about the move and about how I’ve now transported nearly everything I own to a new town where I can’t even sleep because I don’t own a mattress yet. I want to write about shopping for furniture like a grown up and about crying because I felt fat even though I’m objectively not and about body positivity.

I want to write about how desperately, clawingly, achingly, close I am to binding and finally handing in my thesis and setting a date for my viva (defence).

And I will! I really will. But not now, because my deadline is at the end of the month and there are only 19 days left and I’m at the point where even these ~200 words make me feel a little guilty because I should be writing something else.

So, I promise to write about all these things soon and I hope that everyone has been enjoying the final few days of summer. I’ll tell you about everything soon!


3 thoughts on “I’ll catch up soon, promise.

  1. Whatever you do, don’t let your blog become an albatross; don’t feel that you have to write here. You’ve got priorities and you’re dealing with them. We’ll still be here when your life calms down a little :).

    Best of luck with the thesis and its defence. And the move. And being a grown up. And body positivity and all the rest.

    (I’ll maybe try and organise a games day at some point after you’re done as a sort of celebration and chance to relax a bit.)

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