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JC moves away

When I talk about my best friend, I’m talking about JC. I’m fortunate that I have lots of amazing wonderful friends, but nothing supersedes The Best Friend Made In Childhood when it comes to defining Best-friend-ness*. JC and I met in primary school when we were 5 and 6 years old (I’m three months older). We bonded over a love of animals, books and midnight feasts and that was that.

Waterloo Lake in Roundhay Park

We remained inseparable until we were 16, when 6th form college separated us. Then there was university. She started her first job and I started my PhD and all the time we stayed in touch, catching up over Christmasses and Summers and at any other opportunity we got. We still love a good midnight feast.

Now though, she’s moving. She’s off to Toronto. She’ll still be back for Christmasses but the catch ups will certainly be less frequent (although a part of me sees it as an excuse to visit Canada asap). Naturally, one last meet up was needed before she shipped away all of her possessions and flew away.

We met in Leeds along with a few other friends and decided to go to Roundhay Park which happened to be hosting the first ever North Leeds Food Festival. We got food and beers and wandered around the other stalls picking up fresh fruits and fancy Italian pastries.

Honestly, the festival fell a little flat for me, it felt more like the same food trucks you’d find at any festival or outdoor event than it did a celebration of the amazing local food available in and around Leeds. Then again, it did get a bit rainy and cold – perhaps I would have explored more thoroughly given the chance and proven myself wrong. In any case I did manage to get a great pizza from The Big Red Pizza Oven.

Truffle Hunter Pizza from the Big Red Pizza Oven at the North Leeds Food Festival in Roundhay Park

Soon the rain got to heavy and drove us to the nearest pub where we met yet more people keen to see JC off before she emigrated. We ended up in The Rounday Fox, a large traditional country pub with fireplaces and dogs and Black Sheep Ale on tap. It made the perfect place to chat about anything and everything, but especially about Toronto and the home JC would have waiting for her there.

The Roundhay Fox

So, off she goes. It sounds strange, but I don’t think I’ll miss her – I’m just excited for her. The internet has made the world a whole lot smaller and we both have good enough jobs that airfare, even to Canada, isn’t world-endingly expensive. I’m certain she’s going to have an amazing time there and I can’t wait to hear all about it at Christmas.

*Yeah, yeah. I’ve been writing nothing but thesis for the past couple of weeks. It’s this or algebra.


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