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Moving to Falkirk

As everyone knows, the writing up period of the PhD is one of the worst times to do absolutely anything else. One of the worst things you could try to do is something complicated and stressful like moving home. Naturally enough, moving home and writing up is exactly what I ended up doing.

So, as I often am, I was very thankful for P’s army of a family who helped us with the big move. I was also pretty thankful for our new letting agents being amazing and getting us the keys a few days early without even charging us for the extra days. Maybe that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I am used to letting agents being money grabbing, useless abominations, so it’s nice to get a good one. Turns out they do exist. If you’re looking for somewhere to rent in Central Scotland, you could do worse than Lets Make Homes.

Anyway, that meant we could move a few bits across at the weekends and that we could start measuring up for the furniture we needed. We got some boxes from Rhys and Louise and ordered more and packed up. Just over three weeks ago we piled everything we could fit into a van and moved. Then, the next weekend we moved the last few things and finally handed back the keys for the Glasgow flat.

P prefers to be anonymous on the blog, but honestly, this is exactly what he looks like anyway. He’s sitting on the floor because he’s so tired after carrying all those boxes behind him.

There was a bit of drama with getting furniture. We’re still waiting for a sofa because it turns out proper grown up sofas have to be built to order and in our cases that could take up to 12 weeks. We’ll get it in November. More frustrating was the bed frame arriving (hurrah!) on the day that the mattress was supposed to arrive, but didn’t (boo!)

Again, it was a good thing we had access to both flats. We slept in the old one until our solution for not having a sofa for three months showed up: an inflatable sofa. Yeah, like in the 90s. It turned out that it converted into a double bed, so we slept on that until a mattress arrived. Fun times.

First glass of wine in the new flat! Yeah, it happened before we unpacked because we have our priorities right. Cheers!

Anyway, now we totally live here. Sleeping in a real bed of our own is amazing and we’re almost entirely unpacked. I feel like there’s more decisions to make about where some things will go and some to make about what other furniture we’ll get, but it’s hard to make those decisions until the sofa shows up.

In the meantime, the place feels more like home every day. Plus, now I’m not writing my thesis I have time to enjoy it. I can cook from scratch, I can enjoy the garden when it’s not raining, I can just chill out and write a blog post in my pyjamas. My commute is pretty good – I’ve figured out which train I can catch so it’s not so crowded I can’t get a seat but I still get to work on time. Hence, I am getting lots of reading done, which I love.

The view from just outside the train station in Falkirk

So, things are looking pretty great so far. I’m still looking forward to getting that sofa, though.


3 thoughts on “Moving to Falkirk

  1. I’m glad that the move went well and I’m really impressed that you managed to do it in the midst of your thesis write-up.

    I’ve never been to Falkirk, but I hear it’s a decent town. I hope you enjoy living there :).

    Also, hurrah for getting your own sofa. Out of curiosity, where did you end up getting yours from, and what did you make of the sales process (obviously you can’t comment on the quality of the product for some time)? I’ve been thinking for a while that I should probably replace my suite (there’s a reasonable chance it’s older than you are 🙂 ).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Raj!
      We shopped at a bunch of places but ended up buying from Sofology who seemed to have the perfect combination of reasonable pricing, lots of customisation options and straightforward sales process.


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