Goodreads Reading Challenge: Success!

Earlier this year I returned to my long neglected Goodreads account. I’d been using (and I continue to use) LibraryThing to catalogue books but I was interested in some of the features I was seeing from Goodreads. Mostly these were the social media aspects – whether that was directly on the site itself, or how the site connected with other sites like Twitter.

Once I was up and running I spotted that Goodreads users do reading challenges. Usually along the lines of, “I will read 50 books this year.” They then make sure to update Goodreads each time the start and finish a book. Easy peasy. Although, 50 seemed a bit high. I decided to try 30.

Goodreads Reading Challenge Success.png

This week I finished reading book #30 – The Long War by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter (I’ll write a review soon). I hadn’t realised it was book #30 and it was only when I logged in to try to decide which book to read next that I noticed Goodreads was congratulating me on reaching my target. I even had 86 days left to go!

So, feeling quite pleased with myself, I followed the link to view the challenge. It also led me to my friends’ challenges. Some of them are on track, some decidedly not so (although I suspect many of these are simply not logging everything they read). No one else seems to have finished yet. Now, my feeling is that this is because I was overly conservative in my estimate of how much I can read in a year and that my friends are realistic rather than optimistic, especially since it’s only October. It’s interesting to see the stats, though.

Goodreads Reading Challenge Success.png
The rest of my reading list for 2016… so far.

Goodreads tells me I have read 8383 pages so far, that the longest book was Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell at 1006 pages and that I mostly read fiction. All sounds true (I’m not about to list academic papers or textbooks I quickly dip into… textbooks I read cover-to-cover might be a different matter). It’s fun to look back on what I’ve been reading.

So, what next? Well, although I got kind of sidetracked looking at Goodreads stats, I have now picked my next book (We Need New Names by NoViolet Bulawayo). I guess I’ll keep logging books there and then, at the end of the year I can get sidetracked by the stats all over again. I can also use them to make a better challenge for 2017.

Do you use Goodreads? Are you taking part in any reading challenges? Let me know in the comments!



9 thoughts on “Goodreads Reading Challenge: Success!

  1. I do use GoodReads, mainly for recording and reviewing books. I’ve never used the challenge feature but according to the GR stats, I’ve read 66 books so far this year. That sounds like a lot, but this year seems to have involved an awful lot of graphic novels, which are generally short and fast to read. I mostly write reviews to force me to reflect at least to some degree on what I’ve just read, rather than just reading, discarding and moving on to the next book.

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