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New menu items coming to Tempo Tea Bar

On Wednesday I went along to Tempo Tea Bar on Queen Street in Glasgow, with a few other Yelpers, to try some of the new menu items they’re planning to launch soon. It was amazing and I can explain why in three words: Bubble waffle sundae.

I’ve only tried bubble tea once in the past, during a trip to Germany a few years back (they caught the craze before the UK did). Unfortunately, I ordered a drink that was sickly, tooth-clingingly sweet and it was just all too much for me. I was put off trying again for a while, but I hate the idea that I’m missing out on something just because I had one bad version. So I was keen to head to Tempo and reassess the whole bubble tea thing.

We were welcomed and informed we’d be trying all kinds of things and would we mind giving our opinions on feedback forms? Yeah, no problem, only I should also have taken my own personal notes because I’m now struggling to remember the names of a few things. I’ll do my best…

The first item on the menu was a Thai milk tea with tapioca boba. And I liked it! Yes! A win for bubble tea at the first attempt! I would definitely come back to get this again. Tapioca is still the weirdest thing ever, but I like it.

Part of the Tempo Tear Bar main menu: Choose size, flavour, tea and boba (not visible)

Good thing too, because after that we mostly tried drinks without boba. Starting with a selection of coconut boba coffees. The reasoning is this: It’s coming into winter, not everyone wants to drink ice cold bubble tea when it’s snowing outside, so maybe some hot (and cold) coffee options would work. It’s totally experimental but I think Tempo is onto something.

We tried iced, chilled and hot coconut coffee. The iced one was somewhere between a frappe and a milkshake, with scarcely a hint of coffee. The chilled one was like a good, creamy iced latte but with coconut but again with very little obvious coffee flavour. The hot one was a nice, creamy flavoured coffee – this time with the coffee a bit more obvious, but still not super strong. If you favour a triple espresso this will not be the place to come and get your coffee fix. I think that’s ok though because I don’t feel like it’s even aiming at quite the same thing.

I then took a break from sipping these lovely drinks because it was my turn for one of the Bubble Waffle Sundaes that had been getting made one at a time and handed around. Oh my god. These things are something else. Bubble waffles are like waffle batter has been poured into the same mould that’s used to make that super huge bubble wrap stuff. Or Duplo or something. They’re eggier and super light and more-ish. We were served ours with ice cream, poky, whipped cream, smarties, chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

You know what, here’s a picture:

A bubble waffle sundae. Like the ones that will soon be available at Tempo Tea Bar

Yeah. So I’m really, really looking forward to going and ordering another one of those.

To wrap up we tried a chocolate coffee that was served hot, and was nice, although my favourite was the original milk coffee (also served hot) and that tastes weirdly of both coffee and tea. It’s great but weird and I want more.

Finally, we finished up with a super refreshing chilled passionfruit and strawberry sparkling jasmine tea, which was sweet and refreshing. I love the sparkling tea idea and I can definitely see myself going back to try other flavours.

So, who wants to go for tea and bubble waffles as soon as this menu launches?


6 thoughts on “New menu items coming to Tempo Tea Bar

  1. I’ve seen a bubble tea shop on Byres Road, but it’s still not something that I’ve tried. I can be quite conservative when it comes to food and drink, so I’ve been looking at it rather suspiciously. But I could be tempted to give it a shot anyway, I suppose :).


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