Return to GlossyBox part 2: GlossyBox October Unboxing

As I mentioned last week, I just resubscribed to GlossyBox. The result being that I received both the August Anniversary box and the October box at the same time. Since we’re now into November and I’m sure that box can’t be far away, this is going to be a fairly GlossyBox heavy few weeks for In Becky’s Head. I’m sure you’ll cope.

October’s box was guest edited by Estee Lalonde, a beauty and Lifestyle Vlogger who’s new book, Bloom, launched on 6th October. Along with the usual range of products she included a mystery product which she planned to reveal the true identity of on her blog. So, let’s catch up and see what was inside the October Box!


Mystery product: New Beauty Shampoo, 75 ml, full-size rrp. £3.00


I have to say, as soon as I saw that the mystery item was shampoo, I knew what it would be. I mean, I would have placed a small bet on it. It’s one I’ve tried before (one I think everyone has probably tried at some point) and it’s one that is constantly lauded for its amazing results. Glossy magazines and beauty bloggers are constantly going on about how surprised they are by it. No? No takers? It’s hardly a spoiler anymore… Well, it was, of course, Head and Shoulders. The smell confirmed my guess before I needed to head over to Estee’s blog.

Does this count as trying something new? Well, no, not really. For my GlossyBox is all about beauty discovery. I’m sure some subscribers will have been delighted and surprised by finding such a great, inexpensive shampoo that makes their hair shine though, and that’s great for them. For me, this miniature will just be handy for the next trip I take

Would I buy it? I mean, maybe, but it’s going to take a lot to stop me from buying The Body Shop’s sulphate free shampoos now, especially now that might hair is dyed.

Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait – Buttery Lip Cream, rrp. £12.95

Pretty packaging, amazing smell, rich, moisturising formula. What’s not to love? Well, the colour.It’s described as a “pretty nude shade” which… well… ok, so it’s nude but I hate nude lips. Why would I want to look like my lips were the same shade as my skin? It’s just weird. I’ve always hated it. What I might do is blend it was a more vibrant colour from another product but I doubt I’ll ever persuade myself I’ll have the time. It’s a shame because it smells so good and it’s so smooth but I’m never going to wear a lip product in this colour because I’ll hate it every time I see it.

Would I buy it? No. Never. But I’ll look up Trifle Cosmetics and see if they have anything that isn’t hideous.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate, 7 ml, full-size rrp. £25


Yay! I loved the Oils of Life product from the April box so I was pretty sure this one would also be a winner. It’s a lovely, rich serum that smells amazing and since I just ran out of serum a couple of weeks ago I’ll be putting it straight into my routine. Of course, I also love that it’s Body Shop so it’s guaranteed to be organic and cruelty-free. Bonus!

Would I buy it? I’d like to think that I would but £25 is pricey. Maybe I’d wait until it was discounted or I’d use an o2 Priority Moments discount.

Be Good Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator, rrp. £10.50


This smells so good! I’m a sucker for any product that works well and smells good and this one does both. I really like the Bee Good brand as well – it’s another ethical product as well, since they’re environmentally friendly and actively support bees. We’ve got to save the bees, you guys. If I can do that in a way that also gives me great skin then you’re not going to hear any complaints from me.

Would I buy it? Yes! At £10.50 isn’t the cheapest scrub on the market but it does work really well and it takes me ages to go through a tube of scrub so I think it’s worth it.

PS… Pro HD Mascara Black, rrp. £3


Um. This is a Primark mascara. I’m trying to be open minded here but you know how I was just saying that for me, GlossyBox is supposed to be about beauty discovery? Well, a Primark mascara is not something I need any help to discover. It also feels like it kind of counteracts all the good done by including ethical companies Be Good and The Body Shop. Still trying to keep an open mind, I tried it. It’s clumpy. I’m putting it in the bin.

Would I buy it? No. This is the single most disappointing GlossyBox item I’ve ever received.

Universal Beauty Cosmetics Secret Flush Cream Blusher & Lip Stain Duo, rrp. £15


I like this! It has a cute little package and a creamy formula so it gives just a little hint of pink on cheeks or lips (hey, maybe I’ll combine it with that nude lip parfait like I said… I mean, probably not, but I could). It’s quite subtle but it goes on nicely and looks pretty good. I’ll definitely use it for casual looks when I want a little blush. Most of my other blushes have more brown in them so this sweet pink hue is a nice change.

Would I buy it? Maybe as a treat.

So, some hits, some misses but I guess you can’t win them all. Plus, I’m only two boxes in since I re-subscribed and I can already overall almost my entire skin care pampering routine. That’s perfect because it’s this time of year that my skin starts to suffer because of the weather. I’m not too sad about the mascara, I have plenty of them and it saves me ever bothering to try any of Primark’s other offerings. I think the other stuff makes up for it.

Bring on November’s box!



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