Our sofa (finally) arrived!

After getting the keys to our new place 71 days previously, our new sofa finally arrived on Saturday and, you guys, I love it.

We’d been making do with an inflatable sofa in the meantime. It’s been fine, kind of. It meant we had somewhere to sit and that our living room actually felt like one. Also, it was a life saver when we spent the first week in the flat without a bed to sleep on, because it doubles as an air bed. It wasn’t perfect though, and I think we both spent as much time sitting on the floor as we did on that temporary solution.


So you know having a real sofa would make all the difference even if it wasn’t quite perfect. Fortunately, though, it is. We ordered it from Sofology way, way back, having found them to have reasonable prices and a method of ordering that was really easy to understand. We customised a design we saw in their showroom so that it would be the right size for us and so it would have the right fabric. We paid a deposit and then later the rest and then we waited.

Thankfully, it was ready within 10 weeks rather than the predicted 12. Ten weeks still felt like a really long time but I’m glad it was early anyway. We arranged delivery on the Saturday at a small additional fee which frankly seemed fair given the quality of the service we’d received so far. On the Saturday I had to go do some teaching for an RSOE Science Startup Masterclass and midway though I got a text from P to tell me it had arrived. I couldn’t wait to get home.

How inviting is that?

It’s lovely. It’s a three-seater with a chaise section at one end. It’s a soft, natural red wine coloured leather and yes, it has definitely got that new sofa/new leather smell right now but I love it. On the advice of the Sofology salesperson, I picked up a leather furniture care kit from Lakeland last week so we can take proper care of the leather. Apparently, this could make it last decades (here’s hoping!) Also on their advice I’ve been carefully pulling the leather into place each morning and plumping the seat cushions so they don’t get misshapen. It turns out that leather furniture needs some real looking after. That’s fine though, it’ll be worth it.

Oh, and we got a little friend with it too. I want to name him Lazlo, P wants to name him after his brother. The debate rages on. In the meantime, meet The Sloth:

The Sloth.

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