I made the bed!

Yeah, ok, that doesn’t sound too impressive. Except it should because I mean it literally and although it was just a flat-pack it was quite a complicated one with hundreds of parts. It was really intended as a job for two people but I was the only one around and I wasn’t about to wait until P came home so I did it myself. Personally, I think I did a pretty good job. I mean sure, it took my two hours and resulted in an (extremely minor) injury but still.


This is the bed for the spare room. Originally we’d wanted a sofa bed in here, reasoning that if we were only likely to have guests sleep on it about once every three months, it wasn’t worth having a full double bed there permanently, taking up all that space we could otherwise use. So we shopped and we shopped and we shopped and we shopped.

It turns out that the sofa bed we wanted simply does not exist. We wanted one that was comfy and stylish as a sofa, that folded out to be the size of a full double (no, not a small double, no not a single, no…) and that had a real mattress, not like a camping mattress. It needed to be one piece of mattress two, so these sofa plus chaise things people get and push together wasn’t going to cut it. Oh, and it needed to be under Β£400 because of course, it did. Sadly, at the time of writing, such a thin does not exist.

I am developing quite a collection of alan keys and spare screws

Never mind. The next best option was to get a storage bed so it could at least have some secondary purpose beyond letting guests stay every now and then. We found one on Groupon, which is also where we bought the bed frame for our room. We bought a mattress from George at Asda, which is where we bought our main mattress too (mostly because they do named day delivery but it’s so comfy and reasonably priced that it seemed silly to not get another.)

The mattress arrived, the bed did not. After waiting the specified 5 days I emailed Groupon to ask what was going on, they said they’d contact the courier, DX Freight, and came back saying “please wait another 5 days.” I did. From the tracking information, the courier did not have the bed. I contacted Groupon again, they said, “please wait another 10 days.” Then, just as I was typing an angry email, the courier texted me to say it would be delivered the next day.

Um, no? That was impossible. So I logged in to move the date. I was surprised to not see any Saturday options but figured Saturdays must just fill up quick and pushed it to the latest possible date so it would be after our trip to Brussels. The next day we were in the airport waiting for our flight and I got a phone call from DX Freight to say “where are you? We’re delivering your bed.”

Uggggghhhh. Why even have an online system if you don’t pay attention to it? At least this meant that I got to speak to an actual person and could ask them to deliver the Saturday after we got back. I was shocked to hear “We don’t deliver on Saturdays.”

What? Seriously? Why not? I, like almost everyone else, work 9-5, Monday-Friday. I can’t be home from 08:00-18:00 on a weekday waiting for a delivery that will inevitably arrive at 17:45 unless I leave the house in which case it will arrive at precisely the time I’m not in. I told them this. They said “Sorry. So when would you like it to be delivered?”

Raging, I chose a Friday and spent the next week arranging the short notice day off and making sure there was work I could do from home. To their credit, when they did eventually show up DX Freight’s delivery guy was really friendly and helpful. That said, if I can avoid it I’ll never use their service again.

Aaaaaaanyway. Rant over. Nearly a month later we finally have a bed! Hurrah! I have stored things in it, put the mattress on it and made it all cosy and comfy. This means the final major piece of furniture we need is a dining table and chairs. Ideally, a dining table that extends and some chairs that can be folded up and stored, since we don’t have a tonne of space left and, as much as I loved the table in the old flat, we really don’t need a six-seater for just the two of us.

Being a grown up is hard. I don’t think I can recommend it.


2 thoughts on “I made the bed!

  1. Most couriers are a real pain the backside to deal with. In an age where Tesco will give you a one-hour delivery slot, it just seems poor.

    I try to get whatever I can delivered to the office, and when I do have to get it sent to the house, at least my job is one where I can work from home without too much disruption.

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