Product review: 111Skin Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask

I’d intended to use this item from the November Glossybox when I took a long, hot, relaxing bath on Sunday night. When the packet instructions sounded a bit complicated and, frankly, a bit weird, I put it off for another night or two, reaching for a different mask instead.

The next chance I got, after cleansing, I opened the pack. I followed the instructions to unfold the mask, remove the inner and outer covering and to place it on my face, leaving the eye, nose and mouth areas clear. Yes, you’re reading this right, it’s a mask in a single piece. It is easily the weirdest skin treatment I have ever done. Here’s a selfie of me being a bit alarmed, wearing the mask:

I am significantly more perturbed than I look in this picture. Also, yes, I’m in my pyjamas. Whatever.

I kept it on for 20 minutes, as suggested by the instructions. Then I removed it. Being unsure whether this is a single use product (the packet suggests using it up to 3 times a week but doesn’t indicate whether you need to buy three to do so), I wrapped it back in the coverings and put it back in the packet. I then massaged the remaining… stuff that had coated it into my skin, again as the instructions suggested.

Did it work? Well… My skin feels nice? I guess? It looks the same as it did before which is actually kind of a relief. However, I have never been so certain that I have properly followed the instructions and ye so uncertain of doing something I should be in my life. The mask is jelly-like. It holds in one place and stays on the face by friction but it also sags under its own weight. So while my attempts to place it so I could still see worked, the mask was definitely very much in front of my mouth. Good thing I had no one to talk to that night because I wasn’t doing any talking. Also, this meant it didn’t really touch some areas, so I’ve no idea if they gained any of the supposed benefits.

Even weirder than it is shiny

The last instruction on the packet is to continue with your 111Skin routine as normal. Since I don’t have a 111Skin routine I used my regular cleanser (Dermalogica’s special cleansing gel) to remove the last of the gunk. It was quite clingy. Then I moisturised with a Bee Good moisturiser. Then I wondered where the last 25 minutes of my life had gone.

Incidentally, it’s also really, really cold on the skin. Maybe that’s intentional like it’s supposed to be soothing and calming or something. I can’t be sure. However, it came in my November Glossybox which I got delivered to Falkirk in Scotland. On the day I used it, it was -3 C outside. I was cold enough. I’m sure it would be lovely during a hot and sticky summer night but I don’t consider this a winter treatment.

I actually found myself looking up 111Skin, which is a brand I’m not familiar with, to see what was what. Judging by the image search results, some people have better luck than me (although their masks don’t look like mine and most of them were lying flat on their backs) others look like they’re having similar experiences.

There are other blogs out there criticising 111 Skin’s other products and calling the items snake oil. Nice. Then again there are blogs saying they love the products as well. So here are my thoughts: Based on this ultra weird mask I wouldn’t waste my money on any of their products. It’s expensive nonsense for people with more money than sense who are easily impressed by bizarre gimmicks. Harsh? Don’t care.

Stick with your favourite mask. It makes sense. I have no idea what Bio Cellulose even is.


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