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Dinner at Amodo Mio, Falkirk

We’ve not been in Falkirk long and we’re still working to find our favourite places to eat, drink and (oh well, it is December) be merry. This has been slightly hampered by the fact that in the last ~4 months we’ve both been a bit busy with:

  1. Moving to Falkirk
  2. Finishing our PhD thesis
  3. Taking a short holiday
  4. Passing our vivas
  5. Realising Christmas is less than two weeks away

Honestly, it’s amazing we’ve had time to be anywhere other than home or in the office at all. Nevertheless, after a slightly vexing day at work, I texted P to say “rough day, will you listen to me complain I buy you a pint?” He agreed and we met in the pub. After a couple of drinks, we realised it was a bit late to be cooking from scratch. We toyed with getting ready meals or a takeaway but then I remembered I’d seen an Italian restaurant on the way to the pub and suggested we at least take a look at their menu before resigning ourselves to a fate of Asda’s microwaveable balti. Yum.


Fortunately, the menu looked both good and reasonably priced. Taking a peek trough their windows told me that at ~8 pm on a Wednesday we’d have no trouble getting a seat, so in we went.


Amodo Mio is not quite what I picture when I think of an Italian restaurant. It’s not filled with knick-knacks and paintings designed to make you think of a particular Italian region. The music when we visited (again, it was December I’m betting this isn’t typical) was mostly Christmas pop songs. They have abstained from white table clothes and candles dribbling red wax down re-purposed wine bottles. Instead, everything is quite clean and crisp looking.


We were welcomed in by a friendly waiter and offered a table comfortably far away from the door. Not wanting to spend too much on a random whim of a meal out, we ordered a starter of bread and olives to share and a bottle of the house red. Since P is unable to walk into an Italian restaurant and order anything other than bolognese, that’s what he went for, although he branched out and got it with penne instead of spaghetti (for him, that’s adventurous). I ordered one of the dishes on special – a homemade salmon and prawn ravioli.

I love salmon and prawns and pasta, so this was always going to be a tough one to get wrong but even so, that dish was delicious. The only problem was I could easily have had twice as much of it, but then, I am kind of a glutton. I tried P’s bolognese and could see why he liked it – the tomato flavours were really powerful.


I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted desert. Normally I’d order some tiramisu if I was hungry or an espresso if I wasn’t. I was somewhere in between the two and I was probably going to go for the coffee until our waiter mentioned that the special was an amaretto ice cream sundae. Sold! To the lady with the blue hair!


For me, that sundae was the highlight of the meal and the last push to move what had been a rubbish day at work into a great day overall. If I find out where I can buy amaretto ice cream to eat at home I am in all kinds of trouble.

We settled up, our bill only coming to ~£40 which I thought was very fair, and we were handed a takeaway menu. Now there’s a shrewd business move. They don’t deliver, unfortunately, but with pizzas starting at £5.95 it’s only a matter of time before we’re giving them a ring to place an order.

As the first Italian restaurant we’ve visited in Falkirk, Amodo Mio has already set the bar fairly high.

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