Glossybox December unboxing

I was quite excited about the December Glossybox. We’d been given the opportunity to choose a lipstick shade and, given the Christmas season, I felt it was going to be a special box. Probably it would have a pretty design and I expected a party theme. As always seems to be the case these days, I was out when the postie came to deliver it, so I schlepped up to the post office just before closing time to pick it up myself. I could not wait to open it.

It certainly is a pretty one, as expected. Incidentally, if you’ve never tried taking photos like this in the depth of Scottish Winter you have never known frustration. It’s dark at midday. I am this close to buying spotlights just so I can take better photos for my blog – I never thought that was something I’d actually consider. Anyway, nevermind, hopefully, they aren’t too awful.

Let’s see what was inside!

MDMFlow Semi-matte Lipstick in Vamp, rrp. £18

This was a product we got a choice for this month. We could either have this red or a lighter, pinker shade. I chose the red, hoping it would be dark and plummy. It’s not, but it’s not awful either. It has a nice consistency and it’s a good, flattering colour. I’m always going to like red lipsticks, the only problem is, I have others and this one isn’t my favourite. That said, I’ve used it a couple of times now and it’s growing on me, so I’m going to give it a chance.

Incidentally, this is the shade I’m wearing in my current profile photo, so if you’re curious about how it looks on a woman with purple and blue hair, there’s your answer.

Would I buy it? It’s a little pricey for me but the formula is nice and if they do happen to have a shade that really is dark and plummy, I’d think about it, maybe as a payday treat.

Essence Light up your face luminizer palette, rrp. £3


This highlighter palette has three shimmering shades. They’re nice and soft but not all that heavily pigmented. I think if I wanted to be able to tell I’d put it on at all, I’d need quite a lot of layers, and I don’t really like piling on layer after layer of powder – I have places to be. The shimmery effect is quite nice for parties, so I guess this works with the party theme of the box, but I doubt I’ll get much use out of it after New Year’s Eve.

Would I buy it? It’s such a bargain! I mean, no, I wouldn’t buy this exact product because I don’t feel like I need two, but I’ll totally watch out for Essence products in future.

Collection Cosmetics Define and Perfect Eyebrow Powder, rrp. 4.19


This soft grey powder hasn’t really convinced me. I usually pencil in my eyebrows and powder just seems inconvenient. It falls loosely onto my eyelids when I try to apply it and brushing it away leads to smears. Their claim that it’s easily blendable is exaggerated, if not totally false, and when I’m done I don’t really like the effect. Guess I’ll stick with pencils.

Would I buy it? Nah, you can keep it.

Lipcote, rrp. £3.99


Ok, so having applied it precisely once, I like Lipcote. You put on lipstick, blot, and then put Lipcote on top to seal in the lipstick to stop it smearing away as soon as you eat or drink anything. It’s a transparent liquid that smells solvent-y for the first few seconds but it dries quickly. While I still leave a print of lipstick on my teacup, the rest seems to hold fairly well – hours rather than days (like some things I’ve tried) but good enough for a night out. I suspect I’ll get a lot of use out of this.

Would I buy it? I’d recommend it, but they suggest one bottle will give you ~100 uses so I don’t think I’ll be shopping for a second one for a while.

Revlon nail enamel in Valentine (730), rrp. £6.49


I like red nail polishes, but it’s such a traditional colour that I have a hard time getting excited about them. Nevertheless, it’s appropriately Christmassy for December and this particular shade reminds me of holly berries. The downside? The formula. It’s gloopy and the thin brush doesn’t help it and, frankly, I hate it. I put on two coats and nearly removed them immediately because I thought my nails looked crap. In the end, I didn’t because I couldn’t find my remover. The colour is fine but it’s not like I don’t have other red nail polishes. All this has done has convinced me to never buy a Revlon nail polish, so I guess that’s a good lesson to learn.

Would I buy it? You’d have to pay me to carry one home.

Well, you win some, you lose some. This box is pretty mixed for me, but, given that the point of Glossybox (for me) is discovering new products and trying things I would probably not otherwise buy, I can’t complain. Every now and then they’re going to send me something that doesn’t quite suit my tastes. Fortunately, the lipstick, powder and lipcote are enough to make this box worth it. Now I’ll just look forward to whatever they’re planning to send out in January!


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