Favourite movies from 2016

I didn’t get to the cinema anywhere near as much as I had wanted to this year. It seemed that time kept slipping away from me and I can’t count the number of films I’d intended to watch, only to find out that they had already stopped showing and I’d have to wait for them to appear on Netflix.

Even so, I did manage to drag myself out to see a few gems. Here’s my top ten:


10. Suicide Squad

9. Star Trek Beyond

8. Dr Strange

7. X-Men: Apocalypse

6. Captain America: Civil War

5. Central Intelligence

4. Deadpool

3. Ghostbusters

2. My Scientology Movie

1. Hail, Caesar!

I actually really struggled to come up with 10 films I’d seen and loved. I’m sure I’ve watched more than this, but maybe I really did just spend a lot more time watching things on Netflix than I’d realised. This is probably a sign I need to make better use of my unlimited card. Ooops. Oh well, there’s another resolution for 2017. To be fair, as I write this I’ve yet to see Fantastic Beasts or Rogue One, so this list might not be totally complete.

What were your top ten this year? Are there any I was a fool for missing? What are you looking forward to in 2017?


4 thoughts on “Favourite movies from 2016

  1. I’ve seen Civil War, Doctor Strange, and Deadpool from your list, and really had fun with all three! I just saw Rogue One last week and loved it, and I loved Fantastic Beasts as well — hope you get to check these out soon! On a completely different note, I also saw La La Land last week, which is terrific. Happy New Year!

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  2. I’m terrible for getting to the cinema these days, especially since I discovered that you can rent films on Amazon Video. When I do go, it tends to be when I’m on holiday and can go to an early (ish) weekday showing.

    Things not on your list that I enjoyed included Rogue One, The Numskulls Inside Out and Zootopia.

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