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Favourite Instagram posts of 2016

In spite of being bitterly disappointed about Instagram’s decision to remove the map feature from their app, it’s still my favourite social media platform for sharing images. I mean sure, I’ll share the odd snapshot on Twitter and Facebook and I’ve dabbled with Snapchat (disclaimer: I still don’t really get it) but Instagram still works well for me.

I’m still really no photographer, but I’m having fun. Even more so since I upgraded my phone early in summer and got a much better camera with my new one than I had with the old one. It’s amazing how much of a difference that can make.

The above photos are my favourites from each month of 2016. There were definitely a few sparse months in there but I’d rather share just one photo I really like than 30 photos that I think are just ok.

If you’re on Instagram and we’re not friends there yet, give me a nudge! My username is beckydouglas1.

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