Favourite TV series of 2016

Where I failed to watch a lot of the movies I wanted to see in 2016, I did manage to get through a surprising amount of TV. For me, anyway. I’m still pretty awful about watching TV – it’s far too tempting to get up after an episode, or maybe two, and go do something else. I always have other stuff I want or need to do.

However, I managed it. That’s probably a good. It’s one thing trying to be productive, but my inability to relax can sometimes be a problem. Plus, P is much happier when I can sit down and watch TV with him.

So, somehow I’ve watched enough to have a top ten. Would you like to know what it was?


10. Making a Murderer

9. Archer S7

8. Rick and Morty S2

7. Daredevil S2

6. The Jynx

5. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S2

4. Orphan Black S4

3. Luke Cage

2. Stranger Things

1. Westworld

Oh, my goodness, so many great shows. How to truly order the top five is beyond me but Stranger Things and Westworld are two of the best shows I’ve ever watched, never mind the best shows I’ve watched this year.

I nearly included Jessica Jones in this list, which I also loved, but technically I started watching it in 2015, I’m just slow. Hence also Making a Murderer, The Jynx and so on, even though they weren’t released this year.

One thing I kept meaning to watch and never got around to was the new season of Orange is the New Black. No idea why. I’ll get to it eventually. Oh, and I’ll totally catch up with Elementary eventually too. And I’ll watch The Wire and The West Wing. Maybe I’ll even finish Breaking Bad… Honest?

What have your favourite shows been this year? Is there anything I’ve been missing out on?

5 thoughts on “Favourite TV series of 2016

  1. I’m also really bad at watching telly (at least anything that requires an attention span). This year I’ve enjoyed Wynonna Earp s1 and The Librarians s2 (the latter, especially, is very bubblegum TV). I’ve started, but sort of let slip, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and I’ve recently started Arrow, which I’m quite enjoying.

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