Favourite events of 2016

Ok, ok, ok. I promise this is the last of this series of favourites for this year. This is fun though, looking back on all the brilliant things that have happened.

Even when I have far too much to do, I don’t like to be kept home. I mean sure, I could go home and watch tv/play video games/actually get some work done, but where would the fun be in that? There’s a whole world out there! And, since I didn’t have the money or time to do much travelling this year, I ended up mostly keeping busy in and around the central belt of Scotland. As if I have anything to complain about.

My favourite events of the last twelve months are as follows:

10. Bubble Waffle Sundaes

9. The Rivals

8. BBC Good Food Show

7. IGR Christmas Lunch

6. Pizza Battle

5. Dining at Prince’s Square

4. Cheese Toastie Festival

3. A Visit to the Cook School

2. Cocktail Battle

1. Post Viva Drinks

This was probably the hardest list of all and I’m still worried that there are things I’ve forgotten about. The worst thing is, since most of these were Yelp-organised events, and the Yelp community is no more, I’ll have to work extra hard next year to find ways to entertain myself. I’m sure I’ll manage somehow.

What have your favourite events been this year? What are you hoping to get involved with next in 2017?


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