Christmas shellac nails

Whenever I go home to visit my mother in Leeds I know that there’s going to be some kind of beauty treat in it for me. This time it was wonderful sparkly Christmas shellac nails, including the use of some cool chrome powder.

Now, I normally shy away from shellac nails because they’re a pain to take off. Sure, they last ages longer than regular polish, thanks to the UV activation of the shellac, but do I have time to sit with acetone soaked cotton wool on my nails for 20 minutes just to take off the polish later? Well, as it turns out, I just decided that I do.

The finest, sparkliest silver powder glitter I’ve ever seen

My mother had promised that the chrome powder would blow my mind. It requires a different top coat to the usual one, without which you’ll just get a fine glitter effect, rather than the mirror-like chrome effect. Having applied this top coat, an applicator like the one you might use for eye shadow is used to transfer the ultra-fine glitter to the nail and this powder is polished to a high sheen. As predicted: Mind blown.

Even better was when we decided to use a much coarser glitter for feature nails on my ring fingers. I can’t always be bothered with a feature nail but this one was definitely worth the additional effort – the contrast is brilliant.

So shiny!

So, since I was already delighted with the fact that I now looked like a Christmas android with nails made of tinsel and baubles, you can imagine how much better it was when we decided to do red glittery nails for my toes.

As much as I love a mani-pedi I never seem to find time to do both myself so getting both done in a week feels like a massive treat. Usually, I’d go for matching in this instance but this time I was happy to have a Christmassy theme instead of identical polish on fingers and toes.

Ok, the picture doesn’t do these justice. Trust me, they’re almost obscenely glittery.

Plus, the shellac will last at least two weeks for me (provided I don’t end up chipping them off myself when I get bored) and I don’t even need to insist upon using acetone to remove them since someone (yes, ok, mum again) recommended Superdrug’s acrylic and shellac nails remover. Which is good because the only place I can think of to get acetone is the lab and I reckon you can get into trouble for nicking solvents.

In the meantime, I’ll be dragging out the last of the festive spirit by glittering as much as as I can for the next couple of weeks.

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