Christmas Eve box

Way back in October my mum called to inform me that this year we would be doing a Christmas Eve box. She’s an organised lady, so thinking about these things in October is exactly her style. She said to think about any games or films, or anything else, that I might like to put in it.

I think everyone does Christmas Eve boxes slightly differently. We’re all grown-ups (at least, we’re all old enough to do better) so the pyjamas, hot chocolate, mince pies for Santa and a bed-time story combo wasn’t going to quite work for us, as delightful as it sounds. So, we adjusted it a bit.

My sister found this chest and I don’t think anything could be more perfect for its purpose

Instead, our Christmas Eve box contained Exploding Kittens, two DVDS: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Kevin Bridges’: A Whole Different Story, a slightly obscene quantity of crisps and a bottle of prosecco. While I was slightly tempted to go change into my pyjamas, my mother has a real coal fire in her living room which meant that at any point, it might be my turn to go out to the coal bunker in the garden to fill the scuttle (real word) and doing that in pyjamas wasn’t appealing.

Games day at M's

So, prosecco opened we tried out Exploding Kittens, reasoning that if we were going to play a game that was new to almost everyone present, we’d best start when we were approximately sober. P and I have played before, but my mother and sister hadn’t – fortunately it’s very easy to pick up and quite quick to play. Five games took us an hour with my mother demonstrating the best tactics – apparently just hoarding hundreds of cards is the way forward.

As fun as it is, five games of Exploding Kittens is enough for any group so we turned our attention to the DVDs. Having read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies earlier in the year, I had high hopes for the movie. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work quite as well as the book did and soon we were talking over it.

Never mind. Off with PaPaZ and on with Mr Bridges. I’d been more worried about this because I wasn’t sure who Kevin Bridges was and I tend to confuse him with about 10 other stand-ups who all look approximately the same.

Kevin Bridges pictured here with six of his clones

Fortunately, it turns out that Kevin Bridges is one of the funny ones from Clydebank in Glasgow, so I enjoyed that – as did everyone else, although occasionally P was needed to translate a piece of slang that hasn’t made it south of the border.

By the time the DVD was done it was getting late. My mother and sister both went to bed while P and I stayed up a little later talking nonsense, with him trying (unsuccessfully) to persuade me that he shouldn’t have to wait until morning to open his Christmas presents. Soon, we put up the fireguard, turned off the lights and went to sleep.

I think we did a good job with our first Christmas even box. I’d definitely recommend the inclusion of prosecco and comedy and a good game is a sensible choice too. I suspect we’ll continue to build on it in future years, refining what goes in and what we don’t bother with, but I feel like we already set the bar quite high.

Do you do Christmas Eve boxes? What do you put in them?


2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve box

  1. I’ve never come across the idea of a Christmas Eve box before. From your post, it sounds like it’s filled with food/drink and things to do on Christmas Eve (games and films). Is that right? That sounds like a nice thing to do for the whole family.

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