Next Boutique Sweet Dreams Set

Somehow, I always forget that Next does gift sets at Christmas. Fortunately, I am apparently alone in this deficiency and one lovely individual gave me this cute as pie set as a gift. It includes a mug, bath salts, hand cream and foot cream – everything I need for a good night’s sleep bar some nice hot cocoa to put in the mug and I’m sure that’s a problem I can solve for myself somehow.

The mug is in the mummy bear category – not too big, not too small, but just right. The “cosy time” slogan is a great hint to any intruder that no, I do not want to go out and do anything right now, I am indulging my cocoa craving nature and I’m wrapped in a duvet with fluffy socks. This is a mug for bedtime reading, or in fact, reading at any time, so long as you’re cosy and warm.


Bath salts I’m not sure about. They remind me of old ladies and well… why should my bath be salty? Doesn’t that just mean that I’ll get salty? Do I want to be salty? (Quiet in the back.) Nevertheless, in the spirit of investigation, I plonked a handful in a nice hot bath and took a nice long soak. Result: Not sure. It was a nice relaxing bath but I think it would have been anyway and well… I got salty.


The hand cream, on the other hand, is lovely. It’s thick and luxurious and vaguely fruity smelling. This is one that I think I’ll keep in my handbag to put on whenever I feel the need and it’s small enough to more than justify the space it will take up.


Finally, the foot cream. I have one rule about foot creams: They should not smell of peppermint. For some reason, many, many foot creams smell minty and I will never understand why. I want them to smell nice, but not like sweeties or chewing gum. This one smells nice, kind of spicy, maybe it’s sandalwood or something (there’s a pun in there somewhere). Anyway, the formula is also lovely and while I normally use foot creams sparingly, I found myself using just a little bit more with this one without feeling greasy or icky. So that’s a win.


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