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Dinner at Behind the Wall

When my parents visited Falkirk the weekend before my birthday I wasn’t sure where to take them for dinner. I don’t know Falkirk anywhere near as well as I know Glasgow and I’ve tried less than ten places for food, about half of which are really bars or pubs that happen to serve food, or are chains like Frankie and Benny’s. I’ve just not really had time to explore that many places yet. Don’t worry, though, I’m working on it.


One place we had eaten before (with P’s parents) was Behind the Wall (BtW). We’ve also been in a couple of times for a drink. It’s a rarity in Falkirk in that it’s a bar and restaurant that always seems to be full, no matter what day or what time of day you visit. Almost anywhere else I’d trust my luck enough to walk in and expect to get a table – here I knew I’d have to book.


We showed up at 20:45 and I was so glad that I’d booked. The place was packed. Our waiter brought us across to our table and handed us menus and a drinks list and soon we were enjoying a bottle of shiraz and working out what to eat. BtW offers a range of dishes, some more traditional Scottish food, burgers, mac and cheese and then a lot of Tex-Mex inspired stuff. After much debating, I opted for the haggis mini chimmis, followed by the buttermilk fried chicken. P decided to have the sliders to start followed by the baby back ribs. My mother wanted the stuffed caps and then the hanging chicken kebab, while my father wanted the barbeque pulled pork taco followed by the fish and chips. That’s a pretty representative selection from their menu.

Haggis mini chimmis

As soon as the starters arrived we all knew we’d made a terrible mistake. They were huge. We had definitely over ordered. Next time we’d either get a couple of starters to share or skip them altogether and maybe order the (delicious sounding) desserts instead, if we were somehow still hungry after our mains. Not that they weren’t all delicious. I was very happy with my mini chimmis and, having sampled my mother’s stuffed mushrooms too I can see why everyone was making an effort to clear their plates.

The world’s supply of buttermilk fried chicken

As the mains arrived we agreed we’d just take our time and eat slowly. I got an enormous portion of chicken served with an enormous portion of chips as well as salad and a couple of dips – barbeque sauce and chimichurri mayo, the latter of which was particularly good. I tried a little of P’s ribs, though, and I think he might have just won the prize of having chosen the best main. They were so flavourful and so tender and I’m definitely ordering them next time.

Absolutely stuffed full we declined dessert and even coffee and off we went home for a very long and very restful sleep. As much as I plan to find many more Falkirk restaurants, BtW has set the bar high.


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