The Body Shop’s olive gift set

One of the lovely treats I got for Christmas was this olive set from the Body Shop. I’m a big fan of basically everything that the Body Shop does – the quality is always great, the stuff smells amazing and it’s always nice to know that the products you’re using are cruelty-free. I already knew that I loved their pink grapefruit range and their Christmas cranberry range (as well as their shampoos) so I was looking forward to giving the olive selection a go.

The box contains the following: A shower gel, a hand soap, a body scrub, a body butter and a shower puff. All (except the shower puff) with a delicate olive scent which smells good and made me feel really clean and fresh after using it, but which isn’t overpowering and doesn’t linger long after use. As much as I love their other ranges, this one is ideal for anyone who finds that stronger scents can be a bit headache-inducing.


Shower gel

This is lovely and foamy and works just as well as a bubble bath, although the scent is more obvious when it’s applied to the shower puff and used in the shower. In the gift set, there was a full-size 250 ml bottle which I reckon should last me around 6-8 weeks (unless P gets his hands on it).

Hand soap

I’m usually more of a liquid soap kind of girl, but I have to admit that this is pretty gentle (normally I find bar soaps a little drying). And besides, it does feel that little bit more special than Carex. The only problem is I can’t decide whether I want to leave it by the sink in the bathroom, or the sink in the kitchen.

Exfoliating cream body scrub

Hurrah for exfoliating products that don’t use plastic microbeads! I don’t think that the Body Shop ever has used them, but it’s still always nice to see other exfoliating options. This is a rice-based exfoliant and it works really well. It’s great as an all-over scrub but you really notice the difference anywhere you have dry skin.

Body butter

The Body Shop’s body butters have always been among the best and this is no different. It’s very smooth and is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it feeling soft, especially when used in conjunction with the scrub. It’s not a massive pot (only 50ml) so I’ll probably use it up quite quickly, but on the other hand, I guess that makes it perfectly travel-sized.

Isn’t it nice to have products with all matching fragrances? Oh, that reminds me of another bonus of this more delicate scent; these won’t interfere with any perfume you decide you want to wear after using them. I’m definitely putting the olive range among my Body Shop favourites.


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