Product review: Gold Bio-collagen Facial Mask

Not long ago I got a mask similar to this one through GlossyBox. Masks of this kind are getting really popular and I’m starting to see them everywhere. They’re usually either papery or a jelly-like substance, they come in packets full of lovely stuff that will make your skin very happy and they’re single use.

I’ve had mixed experiences with them, so far. First off, I’m much more into the traditional, spread it on-wash (or peel) it off, kind of masks. The kind that come as a tube of stuff and that you get multiple uses out of. In this theme, I particularly like the offerings from Dermalogica and Mudmasky. So while it’s hard to deny that some of these new sheet-style masks are doing great things for my skin, I’m still a little sceptical.


This is the third one I’ve tried. The 111Skin one I reviewed from the GlossyBox was a relatively expensive jelly-ish one. I also tried a Vitamasques manuka honey one from January’s GlossyBox, this was more like a papery sheet and was much less expensive. At the risk of sounding contrary, I much preferred the latter. It gave me the confidence to try this one that my mother had chosen for me for Christmas.

The packet says, “Gold Bio-collagen Facial Mask. From France. Popular Japan. Crystal Collagen Gold Powder Facial Mask. Speciality Facial Angell.”

Now, naff translations don’t necessarily equate to naff products, but that made me giggle. I have no idea what bio-collagen is, nor what crystal collagen gold powder is. I suspect that they don’t do anything when placed on the skin, but, again, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing in the mask that’s of value.

On the back, it says I should exfoliate and cleanse and then sit back and relax with the mask on for 25-30 minutes. Is it me or is that a really long time? Like, I have places to be. Why won’t 10 minutes do the trick when it works for basically everything else I’ve ever tried? So I’m in a bit of a huff, but I do as I’m told, exfoliating and cleansing and then going and getting a pair of scissors to open the mask.

The stuff goes everywhere. I admit to shrieking. I poured a good glug of it directly into my bed as it slipped out of my hands and a second splash went into the carpet. Let’s just hope it makes it beautiful. Finally managing to grasp the packet again, I get hold of the mask which has now collapsed into a wad of weird jelly stuff.

Uggggghhhh. Also, these things never fit me. Do I have a weird shaped face? A weird shaped head? Help!

do not like the texture of these things. I’m nervous of holding it too firmly and tearing it with my nails but if I hold it too lightly it’s slippery and I lose it. They just feel gross. I’m sorry, I’m not being very helpful with this review but… ick. I managed to put it on my face and lie back but by this stage, I was far from relaxed.

I didn’t make it to 30 minutes. I didn’t even make it to 25. To be fair, after the first 5 minutes, it stopped feeling gross but it was still cold and wet and weird, so I only managed 20 minutes before giving up.

On the plus side, my skin did genuinely feel great afterwards. It was really soft and smooth and looked good too but I just don’t think it’s worth it. This trend is not for me. Maybe if I have a beautician to deal with all the faff and the mess I’d be up for it, but even then I have my doubts. And I still don’t think that crystal collagen gold powder is a thing.

5 thoughts on “Product review: Gold Bio-collagen Facial Mask

  1. Crystal collagen gold is definitely getting trotted out next time I need some technobabble for my Star Trek RPG :).

    And it’s probably just the placement of the eye holes, but that mask does make you look somewhat cross-eyed in that picture.

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  2. Lol I just came across this review and it’s funny as hell. 😂 wth do u need nails for lol,beauty is pain. I was putting this product on my to-try list next month..hmm..we’ll see. Ingrid out

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