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Lunch at The Duchess of Argyle

Last weekend The Duchess of Argyle opened its doors on the increasingly hip Argyle Street in Finnieston. It seems that not a month goes by without some exciting new bar or restaurant opening here and I really, really miss living in the Finnieston area of Glasgow where I could enjoy them more often.

On Sunday we had planned to get a Sunday lunch with some friends but unfortunately one of them wasn’t well so we postponed. Since they’re clued up West-Ender foodies they recommended we visit The Duchess of Argyle for Tex-Mex style street food. How could we resist?

The menu

Well, actually we very nearly did. Because to get to The Duchess of Argyle we had to walk past two other brand new Finnieston restaurants that I am now also desperate to try, but that’s a story for another day. In the end, P dismissed them as being too fancy for the kind of food he was in the mood for, so we continued on until we got to TDoA and I’m glad we did.

Complimentary chips

We arrived to a busy pub/restaurant and were welcomed by very friendly staff who thanked us for visiting on their opening weekend. They brought over complimentary tortilla chips with delicious salsa along with the menu which they talked us through. We ordered beers (they have a beer made especially for them by West) and got looking over the menu.

The main event is clearly the tacos. They have a wide range available and they’re served in soft wraps. You get two per order and they’re quite small but, of the ones we tried so far, they’re totally delicious. I chose the Yucatan spiced langoustine ones and P chose the crispy pork and pineapple ones. Our waiter had recommended that we either order two types of tacos each or choose one type of taco each plus a couple of antojitos. We went for the Tijuana fries and would have ordered the empanadas, but they were sold out, so we chose the crunchy tabasco wings instead.

So the theme is definitely one of almost tapas-style small plates. I guess the idea is that this lets them show off all the amazing flavours they have and encourages people to try different things. I think we a good quantity of food for lunch but for dinner I might have wanted one more item from the antojitos list. Also, while we were there I spotted that they do taco Tuesdays, with each taco only being £2. I think I could comfortably come back on a Tuesday and work my way through the entire taco menu. That might even be a new ambition of mine.

Tijuana fries

The Tijuana fries were great. Big chunky chips with the skins left on. Crispy on the outside, soft in the centre and smothered in salsa, guacamole and sour cream. Kind of like they thought nachos were pretty good but that they could improve them by using potato rather than corn chips. They were delicious.

Crunchy tabasco wings

The wings were kind of weird. I should have read the description more carefully. Don’t get me wrong, they were good, just not what I had expected. They’d skinned them and beer battered them. I’d just expected your standard hot wings, so these were a bit of a surprise. They were very tender and juicy, but not especially spicy. Then again, there was a bottle of hot sauce available on the table, so no big deal.

The Duchess of Argyle is already off to a great start and I can easily see myself making more excuses to visit, not least for taco Tuesdays. Somehow, I didn’t mind missing out on Sunday lunch at all.



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