A book bundle from SciFiNow

Not long ago my friend Rhys retweeted a Twitter competition. The kind where you like, follow and retweet and then the people running the competition pull names out of a virtual hat and dish out prizes. This one was run by SciFiNow, a British Science Fiction magazine published by Imagine Media. The prize was a bundle of books.

I didn’t really expect to have much chance of winning. SciFiNow has over 45,000 Twitter followers, but as I’ve pointed out before, entering these things doesn’t actually require any effort and you can’t win them without entering, so it doesn’t hurt to have a go. Besides, who doesn’t need more books*?

I’d actually totally forgotten all about it when I got a Twitter notification. To my surprise, not only had I won, so had Rhys (and a few others). They asked me what kinds of books I’d like in my bundle. I hadn’t realised we actually got a choice but apparently, we could choose from sci-fi, horror or fantasy and if we had a particularly favourite sub-genre they’d try to include as much of that as possible.

Aw, these guys are just too kind

How lovely is that? Not only are they handing out books they were happy to let us filter our choices a little – I had kind of assumed they just had a stack of books they didn’t need from some publisher’s promotion but if that’s the case they obvious had quite a range. Anyway, I didn’t really mind what I got but I figured a magazine called SciFiNow has to have great taste in sci-fi, right? So, I asked for that.

A few days later my bundle arrived. Here’s what was in the box:

Lots of lovely sci-fi to nerd out to

These all look extremely intriguing and I can’t wait to read them and become slightly more of an expert in contemporary sci-fi. I can’t say I’ve heard of the books or the authors but that’s actually more of a treat because if I had there would be more of a chance that I’d already have read the books. All of these are brand new to me and I can’t wait to dive in.

Thanks, SciFiNow! You guys are the best!


*Me. I do not need more books. I have hundreds of books. Will this ever stop me from acquiring more books? No, no it will not.

7 thoughts on “A book bundle from SciFiNow

  1. There are currently waves of jealousy emanating from the west of Glasgow towards Falkirk…

    Enjoy the books. I must confess to not having heard of any of them either, so would be pleased to get recommendations if they’re worth reading.

    Liked by 1 person

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