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Partick Farmers’ Market

Recently I’ve had a bit of a bee in my bonnet about farmer’s markets. Mostly, I just feel the need to actually use them. I remembered visiting the farmer’s market in Partick occasionally as an undergrad but hadn’t been for years. Since they run it every week, that doesn’t seem quite right.

So I did a bit of research. Scotland has hundreds of farmers markets and many of them are within a reasonable distance of me. Falkirk has one, but they run it on a  Friday (why? Why?!) so I’ll never be able to go to it because I’ll always be at work. On the other hand, plenty run at the weekend, so my current plan is to visit as many as possible in the coming weeks and months, starting with Partick.

A slightly damp and chilly Partick Farmers’ Market

The Partick farmer’s market is one of two Glasgow farmers markets, the second being in Queens Park. They take alternate Saturdays from 11:00-14:00-ish. Partick takes the second and fourth Saturday of the month, while Queens Park takes the first and third.

I visited Partick on the second Saturday of February and had a wander around. The weather was very February-ish. It was cold and rainy and no doubt this had driven the majority of punters indoors, but there was still a fair crowd putting a brave face on it and selling everything from fresh fish and seafood to soaps, spices, fruit, jams, curries and on and on and on.

Punnets of fresh fruit on sale

My shopping list had been:

  • Fruit
  • Bread
  • Lunch
  • Anything interesting

I was semi-successful. I very quickly found someone selling beautiful fresh fruit and bought a punnet of plums for £1.50, figuring that there’s no better place to buy in-season fruit than your local farmers’ market. I was right. I spent the next couple of days fighting P for the plums and it wasn’t long before we’d eaten the lot.

Sadly, no baked goods were available that day. I don’t know whether this is always true or if there’s simply no point in bringing breads and cakes out into the rain and hoping to somehow protect them. So, no success on the bread front, but nevermind.

Aberdeen Angus BBQ, running in spite of the rain

Next up: Lunch. I stopped at a stand selling Aberdeen Angus beef in every imaginable cut, as well as in the form of burgers, meatballs and sausages. They had also set up a barbeque. I asked for a burger with some cheddar, for which I paid the very fair price of £4. In a soft roll with a little burger sauce, it was piping hot, delicious and very satisfying. I was tempted to buy a pack to cook at home but by that point, a large crowd had formed and I didn’t want to wait in line again.

My burger. Not a bad lunch for £4.

While there was certainly lots of interesting stuff available (special notice goes to the fresh fish and the curries) nothing quite aligned with my plans for the next couple of days and I’d hate to buy something and not use it and then have it go to waste. So, after one last circuit to check I’d not missed anything, I decided to get out of the rain. Maybe I’ll be back next time.


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