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Grand plans for gardening

Since moving to Falkirk I’ve been planning what to do with the garden space we now have. I’ve always fancied growing fruits, vegetables and herbs but I haven’t the slightest idea of what I’m doing. Plus, the initial outlay for such things is not insignificant.

You need seeds, compost, pots, watering cans and time at the very least. Probably also all kinds of tools and frankly, I am time and money starved (aren’t we all). Still, I want to do something and maybe as time passes I’ll collect things I need bit by bit.

Easy to Grow Strawberries! I hope they’re right…

To that end, in December I bought I gardening magazine that had some free seed packets attached to it. I think I got peppers, beetroot and celeriac. Incidentally, I hate beetroot. I love peppers though, and celeriac is fine. So I figured it was an acceptable selection to experiment with, even if I ended up giving away any beetroot I managed to grow.

Then in January, I picked up another magazine with yet more seeds. Now I’ve also got tomatoes, cucumber, aubergine, cabbage and lettuce to be getting on with as well. Yesterday I also bought an easy-grow pot from Asda that promises me strawberries.

Pepper, beetroot and celeriac seeds

The earliest things to grow are the peppers and strawberries. I’m supposed to start both this month and both need to be sown indoors. So, what haven’t I done? I haven’t been to buy compost or seed trays. When am I going to do that? I have no idea. There’s a slim chance I’ll do it next weekend, but all of my weekends look busy because I’ve never been able to say no to plans.

The good news is that once I do manage to get myself to a garden centre, the rest should follow fairly easily. Seed trays are reusable and you get a lot of compost in a bag – surely the first batch of stuff is the toughest to get going? I hope so.

Even more seeds!

I’d be so happy if I could make a meal with things I’d grown myself, so it does seem worth the effort. I’ll let you know how I get on over the next few weeks and months. Does anyone want any beetroot?



3 thoughts on “Grand plans for gardening

  1. Best of luck with the time and effort required to get things to grow! My parents and granddad both used to grow a lot of veg and since I was usually roped into helping dig, weed and water, I’ve never been that keen on doing it myself :). I prefer pretty, decorative[*] things anyway, so I tend to grow flowers in my own beds. My thinking is usually that the professionals can grow things better than I can and I can buy them for a reasonable price, compared to the cost in money, time and effort required to do it myself. Oh, and like yourself, I have no love of beetroot. If you end up with too many peppers, mind… (and I have no idea what a celeriac is, nor what to do with one).

    [*] only in plants, before you say anything!

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