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New things I tried in February

Every month I do a quick round up of at least five of the new things I’ve been trying. I find it’s a fun way of looking back on what I’ve been getting up to and a good way to keep track of things. I’ll put links to previous months’ posts at the end of today’s round up.

This February I have tried:

  1. Chandeleur – My friend L invited me along to this French holiday and we ate loads of pancakes and had a lovely timeimg_20170207_082346_878.jpg
  2. New hair – After about 9 months of having blue hair I’m starting to ween myself off it, so now I have two-tone blue and brown hair, which I lovenew-hair
  3. InCoWriMo – This was a bit of a fail. The idea is that every day in February you will hand write a letter to someone. You will post this letter. I think I managed about 12. It was fun, though so I might try again next year with slightly better organisation.
  4. Crossing The Rubicon – I’d been meaning to try this new restaurant on Great Western Road in Glasgow ever since it opened. When I heard they were doing a bloggers night I was super excited to go check out all their delicious foodimg_20170215_220425_294.jpg
  5. Seminar – I was invited to the University of Sussex to give a seminar about LIGO and gravitational waves. While I’ve given plenty of talks before, both to academic and non-academic audiences, this was my first full-length invited seminar at an external institution. It went well! (Thank goodness)img_c1psoc.jpg

It’s been a busy month! Also a fun month, but no wonder I’m feeling a bit knackered. Already I’m looking forward to seeing what March will bring.

What have you been up to this month? Have you been trying anything new? Anything I just have to try as soon as possible? Let me know in the comments.

New things I tried in previous months:

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10 thoughts on “New things I tried in February

    1. It was an Indian restaurant! Crossing The Rubicon on Great Western Road, specializing in small plates and with a great vegetarian selection, plus loads of beers.
      I still work in Glasgow, but I’m commuting from Glasgow now.


  1. Well, I locked most of my colleagues out of the department last week, which is a new thing for me. But since it wasn’t deliberate, I’m not sure it counts (like I’d admit it in public if it was *cough*).

    But I did go on a day course on the subject of archaeology and climate change and am doing a short evening course (5 weeks) on legal issues in 21st century Scotland, both of which are new.

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      1. I’m only a week in so far but am enjoying it a lot. The tutor is engaging and knowledgeable. Lots of interactivity too; it’s more like a seminar than a lecture.

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