We finally have a dining table!

It has been six months since we moved into our first unfurnished flat. In those six months we have, piece by piece, acquired a sofa, two beds with mattresses, a coffee table and a TV stand. The one item we still needed was a dining table.

We’d kind of been putting it off. Partly because buying furniture always feels like a lot of effort, partly because we weren’t actually sure that we could fit what we wanted in the space we have. We don’t have a dedicated dining room, so we were relying on there being enough space in our living room.

My Allen key collection is ever growing

In the meantime, we’d been sitting on the sofa when we sat down to eat, resting plates on the coffee table. That’s fine most of the time unless you want to serve a meal with lots of small component parts which require lots of serving dishes. Or if you ever want to have anyone over for dinner. It also becomes a pain if you want to work. Slouching over a laptop isn’t great for your back, just fyi.

Chairs! Yes, they all have different coloured frames. P is a man child and I was feeling indulgent the day we ordered them. No regrets.

Eventually, I spotted what I thought might be the perfect thing in Habitat. The first version was a circular table which had sections that could fold away. The second version was rectangular, could fold away smaller and extend to be bigger. Since it was rectangular it could also be pushed right up against the wall without leaving any gaps, maximising the space. At a pinch, we could probably seat six people at it, but we’d definitely comfortably seat four.


The only problem was that it was out of stock. So I emailed and they promised to get back to me as soon as it was back in stock, which was about 2 weeks later. Then, having found a delivery slot on a Saturday, it arrived 3 weeks after that. Hurrah!

Even better, it arrived when I was out at the gym, so P took the delivery and had already started putting it together before I got home. By the time I’d showered and changed the table was complete and all that was left to do was a little rearranging of existing furniture and to dump the packaging in the recycling.


I’m so pleased that we finally have a table! It’s just as compact as I hoped and I can easily imagine moving it away from the wall to fit more chairs (and guests) around it. The chairs we chose are stackable too, which is ideal for storage since 90% of the time it’ll just be me and P sitting on them, so we don’t need all four. I might pick up some seat cushions to make them a little comfier but that’s a job for later.

Ok, so you’re all invited for dinner. Form an orderly queue. Who wants lasagna?


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