Bad movie night with a buddy cop theme

When was the last time I had a bad movie night? Judging by the last post I did about it, it was over a year ago. That doesn’t surprise me much. A good bad movie night requires organisation, free time and money for beer and pizza. This time last year, Team Bad Movie Night had all had their final PhD stipend paycheck and were looking at several months of finishing off research and writing their respective theses, unpaid. There wasn’t much time, money or energy for this kind of thing.

The premise of our version of a bad movie night goes like this:

  • Someone offers to host
  • A theme is chosen
  • Movies are suggested that fit the theme
  • Everyone shows up
  • Pizza is ordered
  • Beer is opened (optional)
  • The first movie goes on
  • You try to make it through as many as you can

A few weeks ago, P and I offered to host. It’s taken until now for us to feel like we have enough furniture to do so. We discussed a few themes and eventually came up with:

Buddy Cop Movies in Which One of the Two Cops is Non-Human

I know. It’s a corker, isn’t it? You would be surprised at how many movies fit this theme. Now, in order to help guide us in finding movies which are bad enough to be funny but not so bad to be unwatchable, we tend to use the IMDB ratings rule (Less than 3, leave it be. More than 4, show it the door) but we aren’t super strict on that.

In the end, we settled on three movies, with one back-up in case anyone was still awake long enough to watch it:

  1. Theodore Rex (Cop/T-Rex)
  2. Turner and Hooch (Cop/Dog)
  3. Alien Nation (Cop/Alien)
  4. Top Dog (Cop/Dog)

So, true to form, friends arrived, pizza was ordered and on went Theodore Rex starring Whoopi Goldberg. Apparently, Goldberg had to be threatened with legal action in order to agree to star in the film (something about contracts already been signed) which is, of course, always guaranteed to ensure a stellar performance.

Whoopi Goldberg and her co-star in Theodore Rex

Next up, Turner and Hooch. Here I think we made a mistake and should have paid more attention to the IMDB ratings rule – Turner and Hooch is actually kind of a good movie. Tom Hanks didn’t have to be coerced into making it and the rest of the cast is pretty good too, including the French Mastiff who plays Hooch. I mean, I’m not a dog person and that is a particularly huge, slobbery, gross dog, but I thought he did pretty well.

Turner and Hooch

Then we put on Alien Nation. I’m not going to lie, I fell asleep like 10 minutes in. Not that that’s the film’s fault, it was just getting late at that point. I woke up midway through, had no idea what was going on, and went to bed. P tells me it was awful and that they put on Top Dog afterwards but not even Chuck Norris could persuade them to watch it instead of talking over it.

So I’m going to call that a success! Next time (which hopefully won’t be a year away) we’ll go with the theme of: Movies based on video games. What can go wrong?


3 thoughts on “Bad movie night with a buddy cop theme

  1. Why have I never heard of (or, more importantly, seen) a film that stars Whoopi Goldberg and a t-rex, fighting crime! (I am all about the t-rex, ask my gaming group 😉 ).

    I’ve not seen Alien Nation (although I hear it’s not bad) and I do remember Turner and Hooch being pretty funny.

    The next one should be a hoot though, and full of choice. To my knowledge, there’s never been a good video game adaptation 🙂

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